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  1. Profits went out the emergency exit slide ages ago.
  2. Harnessing the medicinal properties of Andrographis paniculata for diseases and beyond: a review of its phytochemistry and pharmacology https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4032030/ https://www.lazada.co.th/products/fah-talai-jone-100-capsules-i555466539-s1016078608.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAv8PyBRDMARIsAFo4wK28BRpw_xoC83j2jSzFnGx5wYW6DtlRI98_paJD_DNGlB5Kiy-5-iEaAiufEALw_wcB&exlaz=d_1:mm_150050845_51350205_2010350205::12:1498579383!58089999096!!!pla-347412512089!c!347412512089!1016078608!145324504
  3. It's hard to keep track of all the flights which TG has cut back in the last ~ 4 weeks as they make separate announcements but it must be 20+% of capacity? China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan... And fewer people are flying even to spots where service remains. Hence full staff are not required, so something must give? Temporary furlows? Forced vacation? Time off with no pay? Beijing Flight TG674 will be cancelled from March 1-28 and TG675 from March 2-29. Flight TG614 and its return leg, TG615 will be cancelled most of the month. Shanghai Fight TG662 and TG663 will be cancelled from March 1-28. Flight TG664 and TG665 will be cancelled most of March. Guangzhou Flight TG678 and TG679 will be cancelled from March 1-28. Flight TG668 and TG669 will be cancelled most of March. Xiamen Flight TG610 and TG611 will be cancelled most of March. Kunming Flight TG612 and TG613 will be cancelled from March 1-28. Chengdu Flight TG618 and TG619 will be cancelled most of March. Hong Kong Flight TG602 and TG603 will be cancelled from March 2-29. Flight TG606 and TG607 will be cancelled from March 1-28. Taipei Flight TG632 and TG633 will be cancelled on Feb 24 and most of March. Nagoya Flight TG646 will be cancelled six days in March and its return leg, TG647, will be cancelled the following days. Fukuoka Flight TG648 and TG649 will be cancelled six days in March. Seoul Flight TG688 will be cancelled on Feb 26, 28 and 29 and most of March. Flight TG689 will be cancelled on Feb 27, 29 and most of March. Busan Flight TG 650 and 651 will be cancelled on Feb 26 and 27. In March, flights will be cancelled in six days. Singapore Flight TG401 will be cancelled from Feb 24-March 28 and TG402 from Feb 25-March 29. TG 403 and TG404 will be cancelled from Feb 24-March 28. TG407 and TG408 will be cancelled on Feb 21, 23, 24, 27 and 28 and most of March. Manila Flight TG620, TG621, TG624 and TG625 will be cancelled most of March. Dhaka Flight TG339 will be cancelled on Feb 25, 26, 28, 29 and most of March. Flight TG 340 will be cancelled on Feb 26, 27, 29 and most of March. Dubai Flight TG517 and TG518 will be cancelled most of March.
  4. You paid 100 baht for return EMS. Only the Embassy staff know the EMS tracking number. If it wasn't included in the email then maybe try following up with them? For those who apply in person, we buy the EMS service from the ThaiPost kiosk within the U.S. Consular Services portico, so we have the tracking details. Based on the details you should get your passport delivered on Monday or Tuesday?
  5. What are other twelve? Seems like these are often in the news: Malaria. Dengue. Japanese Encephalitis. Leptospirosis. Hep A. Hep B. HIV. TB. Influenza.
  6. As a very, very, very wealthy individual, with no real job and plenty of down-time, he learned to fly, bought a first plane, then a few more and set-up a charter business. PR says his charter business flies donated organs to Bangkok for transplants. Maybe the "airfield" is at or near one of his estates?
  7. I did not receive my 2019 1099-SSA this year...I did receive it last year, but not in previous years. I continue to receive the annual benefits letter and the 7162 each year. I dropped an email to FBU.Manila@ssa,gov yesterday requesting a PDF, received the PDF today (it is encrypted, with the PW in a separate email).
  8. I arrived SBIA/BKK Monday, 17 Feb. No requirement at arriving Immigration to show BP. Neither required in my last ~ 10 arrivals. Can't remember if it was ever required? Yes, you do need to show the BP at Duty Free if making a purchase.
  9. Best critique: Bloomberg brought a wallet to a knife-fight. Who doesn't love two old Jewish guys kvetching about their tickers.
  10. In the linked report it says that one patient is being moniotred in their home.
  11. I am under the impession that, upon getting a new passport, transferring the stamps, one has to leave and re-enter the country BEFORE successfully making an on-line 90-day report. I've seen some reports (on FB) that one must also make one in-person 90-day report AFTER re-entering the country. I've aksed in other threads, if people have been able to make on-line 90-day reports, after having made them successfully with the previous passport, and after re-entering the country. Only got one (positive) response. I'll be able test the system the first week of May, as I just had an int'l exit/return. Previously I couldn't use the on-lone system, and have done two reports in person at CW.
  12. A passport, passport card and Global Entry card are all RealID-compliant. You'll need a RealID-compliant ID for domestic air ravel in the U.S.A. as of Oct. 1. 2020. My state offers both a RealID-compliant DL and a non-RealID-compliant DL. I chose the latter, upon renewal, owing to the "easier" document requirements.
  13. I returned to SBIA/BKK Monday evening from Singapore. Did not observe ANY of these "methods". Perhaps you can share the details supporting your "statement"? Identifying asympotmatic patients seems like it might require a fortune teller?
  14. https://ddc.moph.go.th/viralpneumonia/eng/file/situation/situation-no46-180263.pdf Latest report I could find in English PUI = 957 856 recovred from whatever illness they had and were discharged. 100 "under treatment".
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