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  1. Press on 2019, upper left. That should bring up a quickly scrollable year selection, scroll up to your birth year, then scroll forward or backward to your birth month/date. Should take a few seconds. Using the keypad is the obvious solution. A screen grab of the filing is sufficient if you feel you need a piece of paper to clutch. You're registered in the system so this shouldn't come up as an issue. You could also log in to the web-based system, do a search and print your record - it looks a bit different.
  2. I did the stamp transfer at CW on Friday. I arrived ~ 09:30. You'll probably be directed to area L, this is based on your current visa/extension type. So with an Extension of Stay based on Retirement or Marriage it's area L. But they'll determine that at the queue desk. Visited Immigration (Div. 1/CW) Friday, Aug. 16, 2019 to “Transfer Stamp”. Arrived ~ 09:30, number 71 in L section, serving no. 21 at the time. (No mention of TM30, but I am filed now for the first time, online system, my most recent re-entry. Had proof, but was not asked for it.) Started with first level IO at 11:40, finished at 11:55 (many interruptions with other agent-accompanied customers just waltzing in to the cubicle area), came back after lunch break, received passport within 30 seconds. New stamps take up two full pages with the first one making reference to my old PP #, issue date, most recent visa type (Non-B/2013), an old entry stamp, the last used on the Non-B in 2014, and the current entry stamp date (July 5, 2019), and a stamp from today. The second page has my current Ext of Stay, recreated, and a stamp from today. There is no fee. I had left the passport no. field blank on my TM6 Departure Card knowing I would be getting a new passport soon. I filled it in with the new number. If you've filled it in simply cross it out and add the new number. The Embassy letter is a hard requirement, AFAIK. I had renewed my passport via the U.S. Embassy here so the letter was included in the return mailer.
  3. Yes, assuming that is your serving Immigration office. Clearing TM30 mail submittals at CW seems to be up into the ~ 5 week range. One assumes the bad guys are both submitting their TM30's and waiting for a receipt before breaking the law? How many other offices support TM30 mail submittals? One? Two? All?
  4. Passport, Blue Book (or Channote) - two documents: one which identifies you, one of which officially identifies the condo and the owner Yes, you should sign House ID? From the Blue Book, or Channote (this will end up being your username, in most cases) Yes
  5. Expand the 4th of the month program to the 14th and 24th. Then expand on to the 5th, 15th, 25th. Offer free (or donation or deposit for street-based recyclers), subsidized (with logos of advertisers, but not beer or ciggies of course) re-usable shopping bags manufactured from recycled materials.
  6. Yeah, the 90 day reporting is a bit odd for sure - I mean someone could leave and re-enter every 89 days and never have a TM47 on file. Heck, there's no TM47/90-day check at the airport so you could go eons without a 90-day report, jump out back in voila, good to go stay. That said, I've no issues with the 90-day reporting requirement, just wish they'd fix the silly glitch arising from getting a new passport and then not being able to use the online systems (web, app), until you leave and re-enter the country. Stoopid. We have to go to Immigration to transfer stamps - can't they simply re-align the existing TM6 with the new passport number? Sheesh.
  7. I'm imagining every immigration office, assuming they even require TM30's, accepting paper TM30's and then entering that into their database? Really? "Oh those? Yeah we recycled that paper last week." Of course it's a pointless exercise, all done for show to satisfy higher-ups and a requirement for paperwork. BTW, this database is increasing drastically every day - and I don't mean the couple of hundred thousand long-stayers, but the 38 million tourists, hundreds of millions of records, and they've simply created an ever-expandind haystack, reducing the chances of ever finding the needle or two. Screen passenger manifests better while planes are in the air - they have a system for this. Reject more passengers at the borders - the best place to find, screen and stop bad guys. Once bad guys are in the country simply publish their details, offer rewards for help finding them. Bad guys and gals are not going to be filing TM30's, nor will the places where they are staying. Pointless.
  8. Assuming they filed a TM30, then this will present issues potentially. You may have to file a TM30 to re-establish the address which matches the one you'll be using for the 90-day report. There are reports of both success (approved) and failure (rejected) for TM47 at CW both in person and online, for TM30 issues. Don't recall any issues with mail-in reports, but don't see a lot of posts on those. I was able to file a 90-day report online recently (CW) without having any TM30 on file.
  9. D'Oh. You can manually enter data into the Section38 mobile app using the device's keypad. Just press on the Passport No. line and the keypad will pop up. Don't bother trying to use the MRZ OPTION. I couldn't get the MRZ OPTION to work, not sure if it even works, but I had a hard time holding the passport flat, and the phone/camera steady. MRZ scanners at Immigration have readers which hold the passport snugly. You can obviously, use the web-site as well.
  10. Thirty-three states medical Eleven states adult use/recreational. I guess I would expect ballot initiatives - assuming Republicans can't block them, these often increase turn-out - in another dozen states in 2020 (med-->rec, med, all). This remains a challenge: determining usage windows re: impairment driving and certain work categories. Thailand has quite a few social issues: meth, ageing population, alcohol abuse, which in part might be ameliorated by medical/rec cannabis.
  11. An obvious question to ask - and the Q&A was painful to watch -: So, how many "bad guys" have you caught and deported after finding them through a TM30 search? Results? One assumes at least 30 million (conservative admittedly) TM 30 filings each year, scattered all around the Kingdom, some paper in boxes, some digitial. Now they go looking for the address. How long does that take? Maybe stop the bad guys at the border, before they enter?
  12. Yes. Been using "04" for many, many reports for aliens in this category. No problems so far.
  13. After Richard Barrow's excellent segment, the Q & A was painful to watch. The condescension just absolutely dripped off those chaps.
  14. This is both interesting and AWESOME news. Seems like the "authorities" have acknowledged the approval shortfalls, perhaps as a result of the isue being raised and the loss of face, and maybe have thrown additional personnel at the problem - I always pictured some poor trainee in her maroon smock toiling away alone try to sort through these requests - to meet their stated goal of a response within 7 days.
  15. So is Jorge Cervantes, I bet. The authorities will never, ever allow a home grow option. Beer is legal but home-brewing is verbotten. Even when Boon Rawd and ThaiBev get in the business. That's just not how things 'roll' here.
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