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  1. Ouch. Not the best landing ever. That'll leave a mark. THAI Announces Operating Results 2020 https://www.thaiairways.com/en_TH/news/news_announcement/news_detail/THAI-Announces-Operating-Results-2020.page Thai Airways plunges to record full-year net loss; faces possible delisting Thai Airways has reported its worst-ever full-year net loss – dragged down by significant one-time costs – as it faces possible delisting from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) because of negative equity. For the year ended 31 December, Thai, which is in
  2. Give it a try, let us know if it works. Personally, I'd use the reporting address. I pre-pay EMS, 37 baht. Although Imm has used a new EMS number for my last two mail-ins so not possible to track. For me they go out in the afternoon, arrives the next day on one of our two daily EMS deliveries.
  3. One connected just pull down the Notification Bar. You'll see a Notification from Android System, and the current status (usually "Charging"), Tap once, Tap again for "more options". Now in USB Options, choose USB Controlled by : The Device, and Use USB for: File Transfer. No need to go into Settings.
  4. Forgot about SDFCU. Awesome option. Anyone can open an account here, AFAIK. Was there some waiting period to apply for a credit card? Could you apply for a credit card immediately after opening an account? Or did you just wait three years as a personal choice? Just saw this: "Ability to join SDFCU and apply at the same time" https://www.sdfcu.org/premium-cash-back
  5. This is for int'l-int'l connections at SBIA/BKK, correct? Not sure how many options there are right now? Nor If I would choose BKK as a transit point right now. Seems risky. Maybe if staying with the same airline/aircraft, is BR still flying TPE-BKK-LHR? I thin other airlines fly through BKK, AF/KL for example, but I haven't stayed up on those fliights. I guess if TG had a ful schedule this would be a thing?
  6. Sondhi seems to have dodged prison (bail and/or royal pardon), so expecting any of these folks to send more than a night in prison is unrealistic. Have lost track, has this clown been charged?
  7. Seen some second-hand reports mentioning target completition dates of 1 March, and 15 March.
  8. If you hadn't printed the on-line next report date form, then I'd include a cover letter with all the details of your previous report, in the mail-in package.
  9. I reviewed the requirements for my state's COVID vaccination program. Government-issued ID (so a passport wourld be acceptable, but not citizenship test) Attestation, signed, indicating that you live, work or study in the state.
  10. Credit card companies, Citi in your case, change their terms and conditions every year. Maybe take a look at an older and newer T's & C's to verify any residence requirement. A credit card from your CU seems like the best move. Fiedlity does offer a credit card. It's not the best by any stretch but handy to have, IME. (Fid Visa, operated by First Financial, just dropped a couple of key benefits incl collision damage, and added one new benefit: Lifelock.)
  11. USB Cable, make sure it supports data, not just charging. Once you plug it in, pull down the top menu/notification bar. Press Android System - Charging this device via USB Tap for more options. select File Transfer. That should open a file manager window on your PC. If you have a uSD card, you'll see two "drives". Photos can be scattered about: DCIM (camera), Pictures on Internal Storage.. Drag, drop to a folder on your PC.
  12. Yes, I said as much. Everyone I know who wants and qualifies has gotten a vaccination. Operative word here "will". Heard the same (AZ, Pfizer, Moderna anyway) re: private hospitals in Bangkok once these are approved. Remember the Sinovac vaccine was only approved on Monday, a day ahead of delivery, so not a lot of "science" going into these approvals, if I ahd to guess. I plan to wait to get a vaccination here, but if I had to make a trip home for another reason I'd consider getting 1x/2x in th
  13. Thaipost and AIS... https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30402793
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