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  1. You checked at Where's My Refund https://sa.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp or used the mobile app IRS2Go https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs2goapp and they don't show your return as being processed? Can you eFile? Calling is useless, only 2% of calls get through. Processing time has been acknowledged as abysmal. And they're making no commitments on when a return might be finished and a refund issued. I efiled on March 5, still shows as in process. Gazillions of sto
  2. Yesterday's "walk-in center" becomes today's "walk-out center".
  3. OK, so now it's 21%? 14% to the GPO 7% VAT I'm sure others would ike to get in on the money? Will the locally produced AZ be subject to to the same fees? I assume the GPO must be involved? And VAT too?
  4. There have been reports, ~ 18/19 April, that the locally produced AZ vaccines have been pushed out a month, with the first batch of 6 million due in July. Although there is a bit of confusion on this.
  5. It was never clear to me that this 3,000 figure was per dose, of for two doses. Or if it was all inclusive of any hospital fees. I didn't read every article but this seemed unclear to me. Private hospitals will include the 14% GPO "fee" in their "cost" and then price (with uplift obviously) doses individually, then add nurse fee, facility fee, any doctor's fees. And then maybe offer all inclusive packages. All the hospitals will end up being within a few percentage points on comparable pricing, if I had to guess. Now the question is, are there any other fees which anut
  6. Yes, what is your next report date? You need to be in a window of 15 days prior, all the way up to and including the next report date. If you're not in the window then you'll get this see Immigration message. When did you completed your most recent extension of stay renewal? Some report experiencing this issue for the first report after the most recent extension renewal. If you are in the window, -15 to 0, and are getting the please see immigration message, not much can be done other than filing in person. There's not a lot on the first p
  7. "Declares", like he "orders". So imperial. The regime's repsonse to the vaccination is and will be, the same as their response to every single crisis they've faced: layered in incompetence, malfeasance and corruption. Their very first step was to set up four (4) committees. Team A will be responsible for distribution and logistics and will provide personnel and equipment support, plus additional vaccination areas arranged by private companies; Team B (communication) will work to allay people's concern about the safety of vaccines and persuade them to be
  8. I used this form (note page 2 has doc list) in 2019 at CW (same desk, L, as my ext stay/ret)...took a long time as you're queued with ret and marrige folks. No appointment possible then, not sure about now, think not. You could try to do the extension with the same IO after she finishes the transfer. She might ask you to re-queue. Not sure if you could get two tickets, maybe ask. form_transfer_stamp.pdf
  9. I know you said "don't ask", so sorry, but do you know if a TM30 has been filed on your behalf for your current address in Bangkok? If so, I think you'd file a 90-day report at Muang Thong Thani (MTT) in person, or by mail. If not, then either return to Pattaya to file the TM47, or file a TM30 then a TM47 in Bangkok (MTT).
  10. So you're saying the letter made it from Mayberry to San Francisco, then back to Mayberry? Without ever leaving the U.S.? When was this, and if you can be precise all the better. I received a standard air-mail letter ($1.20) from the U.S., east coast, this week. It took ~ 16 days.
  11. I did find some press activity on/about 18/19 April 2021, which does reference July, so you are correct. https://www.facebook.com/nbtworld/posts/10157960036572050 It is odd that most communcations over the intervening period still references June. from an article.... Before the doses are delivered to the government in July as planned, they will be sent to AstraZeneca, who will carry out final quality and safety inspections, it said. and in the same article... Deputy government spokeswoman
  12. Probably on a 1,350 day overstay. I assume these people have been here for ages, certainly pre-COVID. If they arrived since the re-opening then they most certainly went through 14 day quarantine. To assume otherwise is presumptive.
  13. I think there's a further clarification ...in the last five years. Accordig to Wissanu Krea-ngam... In its view on the qualifications of MPs, the Council of State said a person jailed for two years in Thailand or abroad is not eligible to be an MP within five years of being released, Mr Wissanu said. In this case, the jail sentence was given in 1993 and Capt Thamanat was released in 1997, so he is not prohibited from being an MP, Mr Wissanu said. which is interesting in that wissanu more or less admitted that thamanat was in
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