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  1. Not exactly, and I admit its hard to keep track but...this article refers to hemp production (high fibre, nearly no THC or CBD), so more of an agricultural/industrial program. This de-listing of plant parts is just some convoluted way to satisfy campaign promises (sort of) and pave the way for small scale growers to become legally indentured. Official medical cannabis production, for both THC and CBD, is done under strict controls in government/university (and some private) light-dep facilities, under approvals from MoPH and GPO. Maejo University in Chiang Rai has one of the larges
  2. Sorry but two years in jail for dodging excess baggage fees smacks of selective application of the law. At most he should had had to pay the fees, and maybe a fine. Guessing he was part of another administration? Meanwhile how's that Thai Airways-Rolls Royce bribery scandal progressing?
  3. Pretty much. Max. THC and/or CBD 0.2%. Ten households chosen for pilot project. Far from what plank-head's party, BJT, ran on. Good luck getting any votes. assuming there's a "next" election.
  4. We'll have (Star Trek) transporters before this boondoggle is is finished.
  5. TAT said recently 10,000 ish, in total for now through the end of Dec. They said "tourists" so STV + TR60? Seems like a stretch, unless that includes all ferners with other visa types on a CoE? 681 hardly seems worth the effort but baby-steps I guess.
  6. On-line? And what does your mother have to do with your issue? Is she on a similar 90-day reporting cycle? Has she experienced issues filing a 90-ay report on line, after having don them successfully, as well? Any new passports for you or her?
  7. So you did your last 90-day report online successfully on/around Sep 1? You are on some sort of extension of stay? When was that first done or renewed most recently? Too late for the mail in option so maybe try a few more days, then plan to file in person. Hopefully that will reset/correct any issues with your record. Based on posts here and on FB forums, your experience is not all that unusual.
  8. Maybe Khun Pareena should not be visiting police stations more than she has to? MP Pareena denies all charges in land encroachment case https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30383782 And the Minister of Education, Nataphol Teepsuwan, with no qualifications, was also a protest leader in 2014.
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