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  1. The Thai tourism model is built on high-volume, low price. Unless you're willing to deal with ~ 30-ish million tourists, it's a waste of time and energy. And who the heck wants to go on vacation to Thailand right now? Some would opt for a cruise first. That whole "tourist bubble" thing was a non-starter. Who's idiot nephew cam up with that idea? On the plus side: the environment is bouncing back brilliantly. Until there's vaccine, or the virus simply "goes away" (I'm waving my tiny hand with a downward flourish), I wouldn't be investing in the tourism business. I think nine out of ten ASEAN countries remain closed to tourists. New Zealand is often sited as a model for doing things properly. Pretty sure they're still closed too.
  2. Thanks. I do see a lot of screenshots posted on various forums, of the view indicating account/payment details from GMP.
  3. There are gazillions of websites/blogs which document airport facilities. Big question: which are open? Quiet areas, pay to use lounges, even an airside hotel all available. https://www.sleepinginairports.net/sleep-guide/sleeping-in-doha-airport.htm There are also a lot of Youtube videos, quite a few of Thais transiting DOH. Even a Thai QR FA has a video channel. As a last resort have your daughter chat up a FA during BKK-DOH; they love to be helpful. And don't miss the DOH-DFW connection while sleeping. QR did announce increases in service to the U.S., going from 39 weeklies to 56 weeklies, adding Houston and Phildelphia.
  4. Would be interested to see the rates on returnees. Didn't they have +15 yesterday?
  5. Re: the $400 per week. That only gets paid if the State(s) provide 25%. So the feds pay $300 and the State pays $100. That's the potential maximum(s). Most States won't be able to pay the $100. No one wants the Payroll Tax relief. Executive Orders: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/ (The top four are the ones he "created" on Saturday.)
  6. Was that regular first class airmail ($1.20)?
  7. I got a new phone a few weeks ago. (Old: Xiaomi Mi A2; New: Samsung A51) Android allows one to pretty much copy data, and replicate apps, automagically. I think it uses NFC and/or Bluetooth. Obviously you have to use the same gmail to initiate the new phone. Worked fine for me. I did have to re-log-in to BBL, SCB, Chase, et al. BBL app requires a PIN, SCB a fingerprint or PIN as do most finapps. I backed up all data on the old phone via USB to an NAS/archive, then did a few factory resets on the old phone.
  8. Up from 39 weeklies to 56. 7 August Qatar/US Qatar Airways is set to enhance its US network by resuming flights to Houston and Philadelphia in September. The airline will also expand its frequencies to daily to Los Angeles from 12 August and double daily to New York JFK from 1 September. By mid-September, the airline will offer 56 weekly flights in its US network, with partnerships allowing onward travel with American Airline to over 200 destinations, and with JetBlue to over 55 destinations.* Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “Qatar Airways has remained committed to bringing people home safely since the onset of the pandemic, and our commitment to the US, a very important strategic market, has never wavered. We are proud of our repatriation efforts to date, and we look forward to providing travellers access to even more flights to the US with the resumption of flights to Houston and Philadelphia, two major cities. “The addition of these flights brings us to eight US destinations and maintains our position as the largest international carrier in the US, and we look forward to soon returning to all ten of our incredible US gateways.” * You can ticket the AA or B6 domestic segment on your BKK-DOH-USA-XXX QR-issued ticket,
  9. Thank goodness appliance manufacturing hadn't been relocated to Phuket. Thigh-land funny, but given his thousand or so gaffes, not the funniest. Even this week. Yo-Semites.
  10. After having successfully entered my bank/1040 details, my GMP page has since reverted to show the original "check mailed May 8, 2020". Has that been other people's experience in a similar situation?
  11. Hopefully the efficacy is 100%. And there are no side-effects.
  12. Mobile service provider has a record of the calls. Late Breaking News: AIS records office burns to the ground.
  13. Or the classic: "He was just joking". Tip the wait-staff.
  14. Not exactly Nostradamus... Most published estimates are in the negative 7% to 9% range (GDP decline). Worst in SE Asia. 2021 estimates are based on 2020 (depresssed) numbers, so are positive (4% - 5%).
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