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  1. This isn't the first time DHS/ICE/CPB have tried to deport a legal U.S. citizen. I believe there are cases where they have actually deported a legal U.S. citizen.
  2. Is this chap getting paid during the trump Shutdown? I think that the EPA employees forced back to work without pay, to prepare Mr. Wheeler for his confirmation hearing are not. Not much to administer I guess? trump seems jazzed about EVs...
  3. This makes about as much sense as the GoFundMe campaign. Don't hear too many crowing about how successful that was going to be?
  4. Well, trump will want him to run interference on some/all of the criminal investigations so at some point he'll need to cave, resign or break the law. Executive Privilege will be expanded and defended, at least until the next President takes office in January 2021.
  5. Now she's just toying with him. She's playing chess and trump is at home alone eating his "hamberders". Interesting he hasn't come up with a derogatory nickname for Speaker Pelosi, yet. You know you're a buffoon when you get trolled by Burger King...
  6. This "strategy" (fear) didn't work for the mid-terms. Just goes to show you how desperate they are to salvage "the wall". Some nitwit (Wenstrup-R-OH)is going on about "diseases" pouring in. Sawing through the wall, tunneling under it, using ladders to go over it, doesn't matter to trumpers. Drugs come through existing ports of entry. Six people on the no-fly list (or with similar names) detained at the southern border, 14 detained at the northern border. No talk of a wall with Canada? Most illegals arrive by airplane and overstay. We need as many workers as we can get, especially those who will pay into SocSec. trump can build his wall as long as he fulfills his campaign promise that Mexico would pay for it. Shut down their government.
  7. On the plus side, no one will want to come to the U.S.