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  1. Oh my, where did all the people go? Maybe threatening them with jail time if they stayed had some effect? I feel sad for the locals. As for the posters on this forum who thought that everybody who had to leave were all starving backpackers, you were wrong.
  2. China already has an empire. No military required. When countries are massively in debt to you, you own them.
  3. In case anybody needs to know I got stamped until Nov 30 at Samui IO yesterday. Especially if you are coming from other islands, you should know that they took my passport in the morning, and I had to come back and pick it up in the afternoon. Good luck!
  4. Funny, when I stated the fear of bringing in money for a retirement visa here, many posters told me I was crazy to think I wouldn't be able to get the money out of the country when I wanted to. I also told the story that there are many business owners on Samui who had to leave and couldn't get their money out. Posters told me that was absurd. Where are they now?
  5. Anybody get a Nov 30 stamp yet from Samui IO? I had an under consideration stamp until Oct 11 (this past Sunday), but every time I call they tell me to wait.
  6. Has anybody gotten a Nov 30th stamp from the IO on Koh Samui? I have an under consideration stamp for Oct 11th (Sunday). I called yesterday to ask when I could come in and if I would get a stamp until Nov 30th. The woman on the phone seemed to have limited English skills. She told me to call back Monday. Anybody had any luck?
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