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  1. yesterday night prayuth has ordered preparations for lockdown in those 4 provinces. At the same time it was said that decision would be made today, Thursday. Now looks like they are not ready (cabined ministers are also on holiday and don't bother that much) and postponed the big meeting for friday afternoon.
  2. before any borders do open, might be years, do something in thailand. Kayaking the coast of Gulf. You can try to get a sponsor from travel equipment industry. At the same time put your name in the Guinness book
  3. motorcyclist has a face mask, so pix taken this year, even after the government order not to splash water. They should have cancel celebration, as they did the last year. Still, some people will travel to visit family or take planned holidays, but it would be on 10x smaller scale. Instead, the government gave 12th as an extra holiday, as a clear signal for party mood. Problem with songkran, and the other holidays, that people start drinking early on in the day. Make songkran shorter and many bad habits will gradually disappear. They had chance to do it this year, after the
  4. but they have to come back homes to take their PC's, laptop with peripherals, paper files and whatever else they need to do work. They might need also to go to their workplace to arrange with co-workers many other issues. They have just went for a few days holidays, and not for several weeks brake. the government promised in advance happiness, and not unemployment for 2 weeks
  5. preparations in 4 provinces named by prayuth for a potential lockdown, as soon as 16.4. tomorrow they meet again to make decisions. bangkok chiang mai prachuap khiri phan chonburi https://www.khaosod.co.th/breaking-news/news_6330028
  6. but favipiravir has also tentative/mixed evidence, same as ivermectin, colchicine. Yet million doses were already purchased. All of them cheap, available and can be made locally by any small pharma company. yes, azithromycin is used from the very beginning together with chloroqine/hydroxychloroqine, to prevent bacterial co-infection. around 1000 medicines are researched now for re-purposing for covid. There would be always problem with price and availability. If any medicine make to the list, it becomes restricted drug, on special prescription or reserved only for
  7. there would be national lockdown, rather later, then sooner, but it would be necessary. Locking bangkok and neighbouring provinces it's already 25% of population, so large part. But as they are wealthy they would travel to the other provinces for partying, booz supplies. Also to escape virus and work online from provincial hotels
  8. yes, recently they have started to list serious condition. I think 2 days ago it was 9 of them.. Earlier on the numbers were very low, so they did not bother. But now it's newsworth. In Korat in korean bbq restaurant positive personel did not wear masks, some 2000 diners to be tested after songkran. statistics now are low, because of holidays. Same is with weekends under reporting, laboratories are in half mode
  9. no, to quote " the first shipment is expected around October and will be sold to private hospitals."
  10. The government's public relations department published article with pictures of soldiers in hazmat suits spraying jungle and rocks, where Karen escapees from Burma camped, before pushed back over the border. Because this press statement was widely criticised by public and experts, it was later deleted from their page. Still, the spokesman for the foreign ministry republished it as an example of humanitarian stance. They did not put details as to the size of operation, cost and did not answer relevant questions https://www.bbc.com/thai/thailand-56735137.amp
  11. that's the second day the government media are publishing against him. Somebody doesn't like him and he will be chopped from the government. probably on health grounds - post-covid complications. once dust settles he will spring back to the PM office as and adviser and later to the ministry of interior for an independent office, Big Joke style. he did lie not only his whereabouts, but also about his vax - he got only 1 jab, suppose to get a booster on the day he became sick. I do hope he french kissed many of his fellow party members at the anniversary party.
  12. always in good temper, not only during his press conferences, but also during songkran celebrations. Surely she screamed with happiness
  13. the last year, with less infections and less potent virus, the songkran was cancelled and people were told not to go to temples or celebrate in any other way. Instead, people carried normal working days and took days off work when the first wave has passed. This year looks like an orchestrated by the health minister and TAT deputy director (now both under quarantine) mass spreading of wirus. Very few have got vax on Phuket, and despite of the 3rd wave they want domestic and foreign tourists, no matter what.
  14. is he going ever apologise for his subordinates spreading covid from Krystal and other hostess clubs to the masses, hiding info about scale of infection and causing the 3rd wave? he did bar media from reporting on this connection. there are calls, also from within coalition, to disclose info on whereabouts of ministers and ownership of those clubs (they are hiding behind not important names)
  15. this medicine, as generic, is made also in china and india, and probably cheaper than japanese. those 900k is for some 30-40k patients. Might be short, if thousands needing it for around 10 days. The GPO makes their own and cheap azithromycin (approved recently by who) and tamiflu (that's another another generic antiviral, used in thailand for covid at the beginning of the last year). todays article on th same subject in bangkok post states, that sputnik can he in thailand in early june and j&j in october. Also for 2k per dose. No quantities mentioned
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