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  1. Do you think that people stranded from Laos or Myanmar also have to pay 1900 thb? Many work hard to survive for 350 thb (sometime less) per day salary so an extension is a week of work for some
  2. IF confirmed this will be an exelent news for all the people who could not get an extension for many good reasons. Like Yacht owners who entered as crew or captain and don't have any stamps in their passport. Husband of wife of foreigner legally in Thailand (whatever visa even PR) who entered the country as tourist and can only get a dependent visa outside Thailand. People who's principle prevent them to apply for an education or volonteer visa if that will not correspond to their activity. People who don't have 4 Thai employee anymore due to covid. People that have an embassy who refuse to play the second round of embassy letter game. And all the other who are bringing currencies and not doing any harm in the kingdom, whatever the reason they are staying in the kingdom. I don't know what the future will be but I already saw advertisements for Bali visa targeting foreigners currently Thailand (smart as they are covid free) so it seems some assume that people who can afford it will go where they are treated best. We are not in a normal situation but this may be the new normal for many years, frightening people who are good guys without offering adequate alternative is probably not beneficial to the country. Only a few hundred million thb that will enter the economy once via the agents and other beneficiaries but does it worth the thousands of good guys who have fly out spending their money somewhere else? Are embassy letters a way to filter people who try to escape from their homeland justice? Or have a forged passport? then iI should be a one time think. In the current situation the best would be STV visa with ONE embassy letter saying you are a good citizen. Showing you have the money not to be a charge to Thai society would be also arequirement that make sense to apply to STV visa inside Thailand. 90 days at the time won't overload immigration office and allow distanciation.
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