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  1. In the same boat with Thai Airways as you. They'll gain in the short-term by using my money as a loan, but they've lost a long-term customer.
  2. If they protested instead with a one-fingered salute would that be copying too...?
  3. You raise a good point, Taco. This is another example of bureaucratic fuzziness, one of several actually, in the guidelines for entry. I had booked a hotel for ASQ quarantine for 13 nights while assuming that entering on the first day and leaving on the last day would total the 14 days. Didn't matter anyway as I was denied entry, but still it would help others who are applying to get in to have access to clearer guidelines.
  4. Tough situation you are in now. Opposite example here where I was trying to get into Thailand but had to cancel a flight that was directly booked with Thai Airways. They wanted to charge me several cancellation fees and said it would take up to a year to get the refund. This was after I had been assured that cancelling would not be a problem. I escalated my complaint up the chain and eventually got a reply that I would only be charged for a service fee, the cancellation fee would be waived, and I “might” get the refund after 3 months at the earliest. Sharing this example because if they’ll listen then it may be worthwhile to push your case with the company. Of course, you can also choose where to spend your money in the future as well.
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