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  1. How did you manage to get a regular extension without letter? Which office gave it to you? Not an option in Bangkok/MTT.
  2. They could simply waive overstay fines for people if they leave within 7 days of September 26, just this once. That way they won't need to extend the amnesty and perpetuate further expectations, while giving people a grace period to leave. It would also be some form of incentive for some people to leave if the Thai government wants to get rid of them.
  3. Please do update us in case they waive the overstay fines - times are different now, not inconceivable that they would.
  4. This thread is concluded by OP in post #60 with the 7-day to leave scenario resolved. Could forum admin please relocate the ensuing discussions on flyertalk to another forum please?
  5. You're missing the point of the thread here. Concluded by OP here (yours truly) in post #60. Please read.
  6. Just to clarify, it says in the email, not the letter "This letter is issued based on current Immigration requirements and can used at any time until 26th September. " No mention of any dates in the actual Embassy letter except referring to the date on your entry stamp.
  7. Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, the new temporary Immigration Office for short stay extensions and Chaeng Wattana overflow.
  8. Thought Thai Airways used to fly direct between BKK and LAX until COVID, isn't that right? They always used to cost more than other airlines though at the time.
  9. Told ya Mine doesn't say that at all. Double checked. It's possible that's because I'm not resident in the UK. Not sure why. But the letter clearly says it's only good before September 26.
  10. I think you might have solved the mystery of the apparent randomness of the date of the "Under consideration" stamp UbonJoe Watson! At least in my case, my embassy letter was dated Sep 23. I went to MTT today. My stamp is dated Oct 22, that's exactly within the 30 days of the embassy letter! Coincidence? Maybe.
  11. Hi everyone, OP here, just to bring the topic back in focus. To all the naysayers, curmudgeons, karens, sourpusses, schadenfreuds, grumpy old whatevers, I got my embassy letter yesterday and visa extended today with an under consideration stamp for October 22. I'm happy with that. All sorted in less than 48 hours from contemplating and posting this what-if scenario. As a seasoned traveller and nomad, I've learned that in these crazy uncertain times, there is no certainty that you can count on when it comes to making travel plans and stay or go decisions. The world has changed as you all know. There are often out-of-pocket consequences for planning ahead and committing too soon like old times. Rules change, borders close, flights cancelled, airlines go under at the drop of a hat. I totally stand by my wise decision to wait and see what happens before doing what I have to do. I don't believe I would have been able to get a UK Embassy letter 2 weeks ago or earlier. I did not qualify under their original terms. They only relented the last few days judging from reports. Until 2 days ago, there was a reasonable chance of some form of relief being announced. I also had an exit plan lined up if nothing came through. I was never stranded, stuck, desperate, up a creek without a paddle or in a pickle. Given the choice, I prefer to be in Thailand right now and am really enjoying being here and all the things I know I will miss about Thailand when I leave. I'm very grateful to everyone who shared useful tips and info here, to the UK Embassy for doing the right thing and last but not least, to Thailand for letting us stay for months for "free" during these uncertain times! Remember, you always have a choice.
  12. MTT has been super efficient. I reckoned they did 400 extensions by 2PM today going by the numbers collecting passports at around 1:30PM today. If your paperwork is all in order, your extension can be processed (time at desk with I/O) in anywhere from 2-5 minutes -I/O ticking off the forms, some data entry and taking a photo. I think there were 12 counters open and more than half were manned at lunch time. Overcrowding or too many people is not an issue at MTT today, 2 days before amnesty ends.
  13. Just so you know, the gate by the walkway as indicated in the arrow in the photo below, was shut at 11:00AM this morning. There was no one there to open it. Not even a little gap for people to walk through. A few taxis showed up at the same time all wondering how to get in. For future reference, if the gate is shut, you will have to go around, take the access road at the back of the soccer field and the Thunderdome to get to it. Google map is no good on this.
  14. Yes. I just printed mine in B&W. They were very matter-of-fact today, just got on with processing as many extensions as possible I guess.
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