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  1. From what we understand you should be able to enter Thailand under the sandbox program using any visa, and as long as you stay at least 14 days in your sandbox hotel you can leave phuket. For 60 days extensions currently the last day to apply for one is July 29th (we expect this to be extended again, but you never know).
  2. We just received an update that the hotels will have to submit their guests to SHA-BA (Booking Authentication), and this results in a special QR code to use to get the COE. It's hard to know how fast this will actually be rolled out. We expect the larger OTA's (like Agoda / Booking / Expedia) to be slower in adding this process. It may be best to deal directly with the hotels until we can confirm the larger OTA's have this process in place. Or smaller OTA's / TA's which can follow this new step without major delays as there are only two weeks left until July 1st . Any hotel listing o
  3. We have the same issue for our services but we send out reminders to all of our clients anyways. Majority of the time they are useful, and when they are not our clients are not upset, they simply say they are currently not in the country. If a simple email, or line message can save even 1 person out of 100 from massive issues it is still worth it.
  4. Very bad reporting all around. We are pretty confident that it will proceed to be approved officially very soon. Either way we should know in the next week if it will be delayed, or not. Technically it could be delayed without actually being delayed. We need to see COE's being issued soon with Sandbox Reservations, and if they are not no one will actually be able to arrange things to even arrive on July 1st.
  5. It's hard to know without any details. It could be that they just didn't notice, and saw elite status. While this mistake does happen it is quite rare (due to how costly it can be).
  6. If we cant help then as mentioned he can easily leave the country by paying the MAX fine of 20,000 THB, and getting blacklisted for overstaying over 90 days (if less then no blacklist).
  7. I am not sure if we can do anything, but its worth checking. Send my team a message, and show a screenshot of this post. LINE: @ThaiVisaCentre
  8. We have just pushed this feature live. Hopefully it suits your needs. Here is an example of filtering by the Patong, and Kamala districts in Phuket.
  9. Yes that will be the process, but it is still not possible to use a Sandbox Hotel booking to obtain a COE yet. Hopefully this starts to be allowed very soon. Many hotels understand this, and are offering very flexible refund policies, and/or small deposits.
  10. I am not sure how accurate this is... As our platform alone has processed over 800 Sandbox booking requests since last week (even with the 14 day change), and looking at our numbers it is more than 20 Americans wishing to come before July 9th. That being said many travelers are waiting until they can actually obtain a COE to enter the country before they decide to make any bookings.
  11. Thank you for the feedback. We will look into adding an additional location filter for sandbox search.
  12. We have been updating the list of hotels on our index for the Phuket Sandbox.So far we have 150 SHA Plus approved properties, and we expect maybe 100 more by the end of the month. Hopefully it's one of the easiest ways to search through them.https://asq.in.th/phuket-sandbox-hotels
  13. For reviews from our customers please refer to Google Reviews (680+ Reviews), or Facebook Reviews (500+ Reviews).
  14. We have been updating the list of hotels on our index for the Phuket Sandbox. So far we have 105 SHA Plus approved properties. https://asq.in.th/phuket-sandbox-hotels
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