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  1. Thank you, useful answer ! Can you PM me what shop ? I would like to see them just to sniff the leak, as I always prefer several diagnostics before fixing anything expensive.
  2. Hello, I am looking for the usual champions who think that they are better than others and who keep repeating that driving mbikes in Thailand is perfectly safe... yes old men, you must be right !
  3. This is how all private companies international transfer proceed. Even under islamic$hit state. This is also why embargo never work, my friends in Iran can't stop laughing.
  4. Sorry but not sure that you really know what means skilled, because they are very hard to find here...
  5. Your total around 6000 is amazing, I even consider it free compared to what I pay at Benz since so many years... I will definitively visit them. Can you send a PM with the owner number if it's not the one on google ? https://g.page/thomsongarage Thank you so much !
  6. never paid a ticket and will never. at the same time, I don't jump red lights...
  7. you should say this to charlie smith, it could help him become a real man !
  8. yes, thank you, German car, so I should visit Thomson, but they seem always busy. can you tell me if you often have to let your car few days ? Do you think that they will have the sniffer to detect the leak and only change what needs to be changes. Let's hope that it's not the evaporator as I don't want them to remove the dashboard. By the way, can you give me an idea of prices there ? how much for engine oil and filter or usual service ? Thanks again !
  9. Even in 2021 it seems difficult to find...
  10. hello,, Car aircon is leaking and I do not want to let Somchai work the way he knows nothing. I want the job done the correct way and I want that they use a gaz leak sniffer and / or dye liquid to find from where it leaks. If you let them do they want to change the condenser and the compressor without even knowing that it leaks from them, ridiculous ! So please if you know a shop in Pattaya or Bangkok that can work the correct way on car air conditioning, please tell me, as the main dealers are also not interested to check properly and just want to change the
  11. so you really believe that someone can be electrocuted when using a charging device ?!
  12. Clearly BS ! This is in the news quite often but it's impossible ! So I would really like to know the truth...
  13. But quite realistic when reading the permanent complaints of some tough men on this forum ! Real men scare by dogs ! They remind me...
  14. My area is so dangerous ! Some dogs live in the streets ! I am so scare ! Oh I didn't tell you, I am just a little girl actually
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