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  1. Racism is ALWAYS necessary ! The world would be better and cleaner if this rule was applied by most !
  2. Thank you but I don't want to remove the parts to put them in oven. As you said painting is more than enough, so why the trouble of powder coating ?
  3. Most people dont go to gym to waste time in a ridiculous sauna and steam
  4. Why don't they publish his address to allow us to play with this skumgab ?
  5. when you start to see them it is usually far from being the start...
  6. Thank you but painting is also to protect them from rust. Actually I want them black, not fancy, and most of all I want to protect them from rust.
  7. what did you buy exactly ? the 4g 4mbps are available at all shops, AIS, True and Dtac.
  8. hi, do you know a place to paint your brake calipers around BKK or Pattaya ? I know it's nothing to do but with the level of knowledge here, I better find a place where they know what kind of paint to use, it's for a sport car, not a toyota. and if you did it yourself, can you direct me to the paint that you used ? thank you.
  9. that are totally useless when it's really hot. I have been there and will never go again. the construction of this gym with so high celling is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.
  10. I agree, totally BS gym ! I don't even know how can anybody train there in April and why some people with money are so ridiculous to invest in this ?
  11. What's next ? rebranding the girls for Thai and not foreigners ?
  12. Sorry but it is not clear ? which day is the cheapest ?
  13. No thank you ! As Thai are quite slow, I am not sure that they really understood how lucky they are to have some of us still here ! Once they will really know and beg for more, maybe tourists could come back !
  14. Thanks to you I didn't have to read any further This is the only truth, no pity no mercy for the one who left.
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