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  1. That's where I have to disagree, if I am allowed. 2am is fine if you're IN THE BAR, because then it is YOUR CHOICE. But if I live 200 yards away, and want to go to bed at an earlier hour. I don't believe it is "fine" for their music to still be SO LOUD that it penetrates my front windows, across the porch then through the BEDROOM double-paned glass doors and drapes and STILL is loud enough for me to hear the melody and key changes of the bass. This was going on when my daughter was an infant, and who did NOT want to stay up till 2am, but I guess that is not a concern of anyone who seeks to
  2. But how accurate is it? My wife mentioned the other day that there was a bunch of info-mercials making the rounds on Thai FB and Line that 'ginseng' can, if not exactly CURE covid, at least provide enough relief to help the body heal itself. Reminds me of when I taught in Korea, one of my students was a pharmacist, one of the first in the country to be certified in both 'modern, Western' medicine and traditional Korean medicine, which has, (believe it or not) an incredibly rigorous, years-long course of study leading to actual licensure in that field. So if any of us at the school got s
  3. Similar to a school I was at when I lived in Minburi that had a fundraiser...they played a Justin Bieber song over and over and over and people had to donate money to buy a temporary 'stoppage' of the music...like 100baht got you 5 minutes of silence...then it would start again... lol
  4. I've never seen one of these before. I've seen and used the little plastic tray-type for mice, filled with a gel-type of 'glue' but never one like this. It appears to be made of cardboard, and so it is sold "folded-up"? Where can these be purchased?
  5. Gee, I guess the NAME OF THE BANK is what threw me. And of course, we ALL know that such posted documents are 100.1% perfectly truthful and fully 'transparent', right? So I thank you for taking the time to show me the error of my ways. In future I will believe ALL such released documents.
  6. I've gone into a local 7-11 masked, and seen clerks in it with no mask. No problem. Next day I go in with no mask and a different clerk shrieks at me for not wearing one. If anything can cause a problem or spikes it is inconsistency of approach.
  7. I hadn't realized Aung San Suu Kyi was that old. She is truly a martyr and obviously possessed of incredible moral strength. I feel it to be a shame that Washington no longer has leadership strong enough to face up to the Chinese. She would probably have gotten some help.
  8. They could have the girls dressed in full HAZ-MAT suits, with head-covering, respirators and gloves, and dancing on the poles. Oooohhh. sexy!! THAT would be a new Xtra-experience!! lol
  9. That half-formed mustache looks pretty familiar... Isn't this the guy who ran for some government office years ago, and had, as his advertisements, posters of him riding on a motor-scooter brandishing an axe? Implying he was going to "chop down corruption"?
  10. Well, he had the money to have visited the states, correct? (I believe the initial story said he had visited San Francisco), and was forced to do the quarantine upon his return. So if he had the $ to visit the states, one could think he should have had the money to have picked his own hotel upon his return for his ASQ. I'm SURE he knew there would be a quarantine when he came back, but he tried to cheap it out. As to the "propriety" of the military generals owning hotels, remember, this military has its own BANK.
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