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  1. The simplest explanations are the best. Positing an hypothesis that Trump was played is obviously way too complicated. Whereas diagnosing Trump as "malignant narcissist" is obviously a much better fit for the facts.
  2. It's out of control? Is its prevalence is the same in all nations? And why do you think vaccinating the entire population is necessary? Statistically speaking, what's important is the percentage that it will take to reach herd immunity.
  3. Let Trump's behavior "become erratic"? Is there any force on earth short of thorazine that could have stopped him?
  4. Do you have a lucid explanation of why calling Cuomo to account will also destroy the political careers of other Democrats. Care to share it with the rest of us? Or is that you just couldn't resist sharing a cliché with the rest of us?
  5. Because making your leaders accountable is a bad thing? Actually, Trump supporters have given us that answer many times over.
  6. The voters of Oregon and Utah, among others would disagree with you.
  7. but but but hillary... Yours is a very tired, old, and lame deflection.
  8. You mean he offered a health insurance plan that was beautiful, better, and cheaper? And what about his trillion dollar infrastructure plan? He also promised to crack down on hedge funds and the like.
  9. Anyway, Trump could have and should have invoked the Defense Production Act to American compel companies to produce PPE. There were a few exceptions, but basically he refused to do so.
  10. Maybe it's believed by you. But as more and more clinical studies get released, it's clear that the vaccines do reduce the transmission of the virus as well. Israeli studies find Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine reduces transmission https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-israel-vaccine/israeli-studies-find-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-reduces-transmission-idUSKBN2AJ08D The more data we get, the more it seems vaccinated people aren't spreading the coronavirus https://www.businessinsider.com/vaccines-reduce-coronavirus-transmission-early-research-2021-2
  11. As has been shown repeatedly, state governments where Republicans are in control make it difficult for those segments of the population who would be more likely to vote Democratic. For instance, in Texas, a hunting license is considered adequate ID but not a student ID from a state University. Also, Texas refuses to offer extended hours at its motor vehicle depts to allow working people who don't have cars to get a state ID. And also make people who live in poorer parts of the state travel longer distances to get to motor vehicle centers. In addition, in the past, 5 states where Republica
  12. Measles was pretty much eliminated from the USA until anti-vaxxer hysteria convinced some misguided parents not to vaccinate their kids. Measles also has an R(0) value of about 18. That means it's about 6 times as contagious as Covid. The influenza vaccines is less effective than most Covid vaccines, against a person coming down with the flu. But even though the vaccination doesn't stop you from getting the flu, like all the Covid vaccines, it makes the symptoms it a lot milder.
  13. Just the opposite actually. Savings are rising because people are spending a lot less. There is a lot of pent-up demand that will be released once vaccinations reach a critical level.
  14. Best estimates do no such thing unless you mean by "best estimates" those estimates that support your contentions. From organizations that have a history of bigotry like FAIR. The latest official estimate I could find came from the Dept of Homeland Security in a report released in 2015. "In summary, DHS estimates that 12.0 million illegal aliens were living in the United States in January 2015, compared to 11.5 million in January 2014 and 11.6 million in January 2010.3 On average, the population grew by 70,000 per year from 2010 to 2015, compared to 470,000 per year during the high-
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