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  1. Not that it really means anything unless someone is foolish enough to believe that most members of the Commonwealth would have wanted to be in some sort of stronger union with the UK. And given how distant most were, and how poor most were, how much trade could there have been? Not to mention the protectionist biases of most of the Commonwealth nations.
  2. This is always the line supporters of any policy take when things don't turn out as predicted: blame the opposition. I can remember when lots of Brexit supporters here were claiming that Germany would back down because it sold so many autos to the UK. And of course there were the rosy predictions of Brexiters such as Michael Gove who claimed that free trade with the UK would survive Brexit. The EU was always very clear about the lines it drew and why it drew those lines: namely it would make no sense to give the UK the benefits so many Brexiters expected without paying for them. What sense wou
  3. Didn't North Korea continue to develop newer and more formidable missiles?
  4. Because if there's one thing the current Commander-in-Chief is all about, it's standing up to the Russians?
  5. And that was mild compared to the atrocities they committed in Algeria.
  6. Are you referring to the record number of lobbyists who will be leaving the Trump administration and returning to the swamp they helped enlarge?
  7. Donor sues pro-Trump group over failure to prove voter fraud: 'Empty promises' Fred Eshelman sued Houston-based True the Vote Inc., which promised to “investigate, litigate and expose suspected illegal balloting ad fraud in the 2020 general election,” Bloomberg reported. Eshelman, founder of Eshelman Ventures LLC, claimed that he “regularly and repeatedly” asked for updates on the initiative but was met with “vague responses, platitudes, and empty promises...” True the Vote filed four lawsuits in the weeks after the election, Bloomberg notes, but it dropped all of them last we
  8. 16 days straight of record setting Covid hospitalizations. On Wednesday the most Covid deaths since May 6. Brainwash that away.
  9. Nonsense. The figures to consult are excess mortality figures. Over and over again they show quite the reverse.
  10. Honorable people back up their claims. And the mods really don't like it when you ask other people to do your homework.
  11. No, it's the UK govt reneging on its treaty obligations that is at fault.
  12. Actually, the UK is a member of the Commonwealth. The pre-eminent member.
  13. Because nothing makes as much sense as setting up trade relations with mostly poor and distant nations. And what makes you think that those nations would want have wanted to have free trade with the UK back when? Ridiculous.
  14. Seriously you weren't aware of this? Where do you get your news from? Government admits new Brexit bill 'will break international law' The government has admitted that its plan to reinterpret the special Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland will break international law. The Northern Ireland secretary, Brandon Lewis, astonished backbenchers when he told the House of Commons: “Yes, this does break international law in a very specific and limited way. We’re taking the powers to disapply the EU law concept of direct effect … in a certain very tightly defined circumstance.”
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