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  1. Of course, the authorities don't need everybody's money, they have enough or can get enough. It are the people relying on the money brought in by the retirees needing the money. But that is if no interest whatsoever to the authorities. 75,000 retirees in Thailand? If I see the number of retirees from the Netherlands, a country of 17.5 million, 5000+, the number you quote seems to be silly. By the way, 75000 retirees each bringing in 65000 baht per month is quite a hefty sum of money, 58,500,000,000 baht that is. Translates more of less info 60,000 people doing a living out if it, minimum. Be a tourist, be a retirees? Yes, if the rules are reasonable and not changing all the time. But, you will not like this, but the way retirees are thought about puts them all squarily in the criminal corner. Obviously you like that. Might be interesting to find out how many retirees have disappeared from Thailand in 2019, Vietnam and Phillipines are favoriete. In my friends circle, of the seven three have gone elsewhere, for a combination of the baht, rules and Feeling unwelcome. Yes all were real retirees with more thank enough income per month.
  2. Most of those coming to Thailand on a visa willprobably have a kind of health insurance in their own country. If they hear they need to buy another Thai insurance with a lot of restrictions and a rather high price, I guess most will ask the way to another embassy...... Another decision that was not thought well about?
  3. You would be surprised how well vocational training is alive for jobs in the social sector, with openings for ages you wouldn't believe, without ever relating to any procuror, freelance so to say. And not only in Thailand, also in the western countries.
  4. Very simple, for those on extension of stays offer a kind of insurance valid only in state hospitals, or even easier, put 500 Baht on the price of obtaining the extension. Problem solved.
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