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  1. OK, you are a star detective! The number of times I heard Thai women tell they were beaten by their husbands for, eventually, revenge and financial gain, are many.
  2. If you read the article you will find out he made his delivery to the sugar factory, so it might be possible he was empty?
  3. In Khon Kaen there must be another Thailand Post, as I never had any complaint about Thailand Post whatsoever.
  4. Most guns found in Thailand are illegal guns. Please explain to me how stricter gun laws as already in place in Thailand will minimise the illegal use of illegally owned guns? Illegal owners of illegal guns tend not advertise that they have guns in possession, also it is a well known fact the police, anywhere in the world, can not do anything about illegal guns, found guns in nearly all cases are just luck. Legal gun owners are mostly, but not always, law abiding people that will probably never use their guns in anger. Also, legal firearms in Thailand are highly expensive, the guntrade is regulated, registration of legal guns is well organised, but alas, all that is not valid for illegal guns.
  5. Hate, like love, is two way traffic. Mostly we, in the west, got our hate traffic for many years and tried to answer with love, which of course didn't work. Now some stupid idiot had enough and decided to ride against the traffic. You really think we, for 50 years at the receiving end of hate, will still be able to bring out the love? I dare to say that most, if not all, Imams and Ayatollahs will maximise their hate preaching and urge their listeners to kill as many "infidels" as possible, they will all go to heaven. I am sorry for the dead of this atrocity, but I wonder where all the love preaching people were when in Egypt and elsewhere in the Muslim world churches were attacked by Muslims with many more deaths.
  6. Like former governments of TS and TY, errrr TS did, besides taking very good care of their own needs.
  7. And how is it in your own country then? You are sure all and everything is completely above board, transparent and definitely not geared to or used by the "elite"? I am quite certain your vote means nothing to the politicos, big business and their lackeys. They will just do what they think is needed, for their goals, and will gladly use or neglect your vote.
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