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  1. Restaurants are still open until 9 PM right? Do 7/11 sell alcohol? Or only restaurants don't. Am I allowed to hire a personal boat person who can take me & another person snorkeling? (no groups, 2 people only) Thanks
  2. Perhaps it's not about what others think but rather for your own pleasure. Update regarding the situation... Rolex ADs are not allowed to verify if a Rolex is original and you have to go to the service center and say you want it serviced (if you ask to verify, they won't). Seller did not want to do that, which was suspicious. Suddenly replies got slower, excuses due to "covid" risk and store standards, despite wanting to do it a week ago for another watch. Told me to buy it and go to the center right away after to verify, comes with a moneyback guarantee.... SURE LOL,
  3. Hello, I am looking to buy a used Rolex from a specific person however I would like to check if it's original or not before purchasing as there's a ton of fakes in Thailand. I called Rolex dealers and they said their policy does not allow them. Is there a solution to this? Thanks
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