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  1. But you forget that in Thailand cases will stay constant at 2-3k come what may. TIT.
  2. Hmmm, kill the domestic tourism market for the sake of a handful international "tourist's". That's really going to help the economy?
  3. Maybe the open and be damned is going through his mind as"stuff the suitcases with cash and do a runner if it all goes wrong"
  4. First accurate thing he has said I think, it's all down to supply and then the logistics of distribution to where it's needed at the right time.
  5. I'd have to agree the virus sets the timeline. Look at UK, planned to open fully by 21st June, postponed another 4 weeks unless overturned by vote in Parliament. Even then there is no guarantee that all restrictions will be relaxed at that date. The way the delta variant is spreading in the UK puts doubt in my mind to the reported situation in Thailand.
  6. See from another news report on a site that cannot be quoted from, that more clusters been found, anyone who says that this is not spreading must be wearing rose tinted glasses. I saw an interview with a virologist in Malaysia about situation there, he was advocating to increase mass testing to find cases, although it would lead to an increase of reported cases, it would allow earlier intervention to take the infected out of the community and earlier intervention of those who were sick to provide better outcomes and reduce fatalities.
  7. Xenophobia at play again, because they think only migrant workers have covid?
  8. Tell that to my sister-in-law who watched her husband deteriorate in a matter of hours and passed at home because the paramedics couldn't revive him. Cause, covid-19. No it never happens because all those who die at home have been tested for covid?
  9. And you can bet those going to hospitals aren't just feeling a bit under the weather, probably going because struggling to breath properly.
  10. I wonder if all medical workers are been regularly tested for covid at least once a week, preferably twice a week?
  11. Think that's most of thailands proactive testing is aimed at cluster areas which have been identified through hospital walk -in, therefore they are always chasing clusters after they have formed, by which time the infection has already spread substantially.
  12. If someone dies at home out in the provinces is a doctor called to certify death, are the police called to rule out foul play. If someone dies and has not been tested for covid but has pneumonia symptoms does it go down as pneumonia or covid?
  13. Update, the update of the updated decision will be updated when someone decides to make a decision about the updates. Cleared that up then
  14. A good system would only have people queuing for maybe 10-15m, not long periods.
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