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    not feeling ridiculous ? you should !
  2. so you didn't reply because you have small ones ? this is what i usually notice around here !
  3. ant registered letter to USA is 200 thb at least !
  4. And do we know why paypal doesn't allow new accounts until 2021 ?
  5. I have found all codes and posted here https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1174821-dtac-unlimited-internet-data-plan-12callais-unlimited-internet-data-plan-true-mobile-unlimited-internet-data-plan/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-15912939
  6. hi, I have read news about Pattaya city truck to sterilize dogs for free, but I have never read more news saying where it is running ? was it just an idea on which they gave up ? have you seen it ? The first mobile sterilization and vaccination truck for Pattaya to treat stray cats and dogs was launched yesterday. The Pattaya City Deputy Mayor Nanot Nongyai told The Pattaya News that “There are many stray cats and dogs in Pattaya.”
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