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  1. Here is the clip. Not much in it. Media beat up exaggerated by “concerned netizens” wanting something to complain about. https://web.facebook.com/NewsWorkpoint/videos/ชาวโซเชียลแห่แชร์คลิปครูหญิงโหด-ใช้ไม้ทีฟาดมือนักเรียนสุดแรง/736104360448178/?_rdc=1&_rdr
  2. I agree. As long as you don’t injure the kid. we used to cop it at school, it was good for discipline. The teachers who did it had better behaved classes. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. They stopped doing in Oz about 25 years ago. Since then their has been a massive increase in “mental illness”. Too soft, precious little self entitled angels can’t cope. Spare the rod spoil the child. Bring it back, harden them up.
  3. These spineless European leaders are idiots making the same mistakes over and over backing down and easing restrictions as soon as their is a slight improvement but before anything is under control achieving nothing. They just end up with thousands of dead and a stuffed economy. Thailand virtually eliminated covid in less than two months with a realistic rules back in May. Melbourne, Australia had an outbreak about three months ago, and for two months mirrored the Thai methods and yesterday the last person checked out of hospital and there hasn’t been a new infection for 26 days.
  4. Yes, much better than the government furloughing everyone to not go to work like in some countries. The We Travel Together program has been very popular. Last weekend the large resort near me was booked out for the second weekend in a row. People get a cheaper holiday, staff get a job and surrounding restaurants, bars, coffee shops get customers. Win win. Very well targeted to help the tourist businesses and workers who have suffered the most. Many countries have bodies piling up as well as borrowing mountains of debt to pay for misguided stimulus packages that will take decade
  5. you must use a different google. even one serving a farang man
  6. I didn’t say you did, but many other posts mention gogo, walking street, bars etc. What were up to in Pattaya?
  7. i disagree. It says “find the right marriage partner” I have seen many foreigners come to Thailand and marry prostitutes, buy her a house, take over the role as father to her kids, spend money trying to help out the extended family or entire village, get overcharged on sinsot etc. and then end up losing the lot and being very bitter about the situation. Obviously the wrong marriage partner. Finding a wife in a hooker bar would be like buying a second hand car from a hire car company, thrashed by hundreds of people with worn out parts and dodgy wiring and too many miles on the
  8. Why does the EU carmakers produce public road cars that mostly exceed 200kmh? Seems a bit irresponsible?
  9. it was the announced on the day Prayut and his team came to Phangnga. The anti government protests had been becoming increasingly popular. The next day it was forgotten. It appears to me it was just a sneaky way to control anti government protesters.
  10. Trump can take a lot of the blame, he is a super spreader, but not all. It is up to the people. A lot of American people, and a lot of other people in other countries refuse to follow the procedures to eliminate it. They simply won’t be told. The Thai people got together and virtually eliminated it from Thailand 6 months ago. Credit to them. Melbourne, Australia had a outbreak about three months ago. They brought in the same rules the Thais used, compulsory mask wearing, a curfew, etc etc Today the last Victorian Covid patient checked out of hospital and there
  11. International travel. I will write a letter to immigration thanking them for the win later. Thousands of other expats with 4-800,000 are also winning now.
  12. This particular Miss Thailand contest is the lead up to pick the winner to compete in the Miss International event. So the ugly girl wins the Thai contest with a stuffed envelope and her Thai connections. Then the ugly Thai goes on to represent Thailand and win the world event against all the other girls from other countries who were chosen for their good looks. Wow. Ugly Thai girls are more beautiful than the best from other countries. World beaters.
  13. More good news. My 800,000 visa money is rising in value. My thai house is worth more USD. Awesome.
  14. so you are saying the Thai winner beat women from 83 other countries in Japan because she bought it with an envelope stuffed with cash and because she was connected? i find that a bit hard to believe to be honest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_International_2019 A very pretty and intelligent girl.
  15. Spot on. The covid crisis is getting rapidly worse. Daily deaths hit 11,000 for the first time this week and new infections 600,000+. Letting tourists in now would open the infection floodgates and a month later it would all have to be closed down again with the added problem of covid killing locals. Pointless and reckless. Thailand will bounce back quicker than most countries with their good reputation for handling the virus and because they haven’t plunged themselves into massive debts like other countries. Trade surplus kicking along nicely.
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