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  1. Or what if the tourist sees that they use elephants as a circus act?
  2. Its true, many Thai really dont like and want the Chinese.
  3. I wonder if history will repeat itself. I remember the 80s when Spain was a very populair holiday destination. Big and easy money floated into the country and brought arrogance and fast raising prices with them. Untill the tourist were fed up with it and changed there holiday destination to Greece and Turkey. It took Spain about 8 years to win the hearts of the tourist back again. Will the same happen with Thiland?
  4. Then or you are very old, or you have lost contact with reality. With all respect. But the group of people that make there money online is growing rapidly. Embrace them because they will be a big part of the future ecomomy. If they want to stay in Thailnad, let them pay a realistic amount for a working visa. You couls see that as a kind of tax.
  5. im starting to get realy sick of those guys. My vision on my future plans are not how to get back to my love but how to get here out of there and where to live. As a farang the future is not looking bright in Chinland.
  6. What a lot of bs. Do you really think that rich business people (proberble smart people) are looking for Thailand as a golden opportunity? As long as any given gouvernement is not reliable the dont take the risk. So i think its also fake news.
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