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  1. So, I made it. Process was pretty good. The docs were checked pretty casually, honestly I doubt I needed the second test. To be honest, I think it would be pretty easy to knock up a fake in word with some professional looking logos (or adjust dates on an early test). There is no authentification system in place, just looking at the paper. No in flight entertainment was a chore. 11 hours without anything to do, lol. Once in BKK it was extremely quick, with lots of staff pointing us ASQ-ers the way to go. Now in quarantine - this is where the fun begins...
  2. As title stated. I am travelling to Thailand on the 18th (I work there) after many months of work filling in paperwork and figuring out how to satisfy the varying whims of Thai immigration. I just recieved my covid test certificate and despite assurances it wouldn't happen, they sent the damn thing slightly too early (about 74 hours prior to my flight time). They didn't include the time on the certificate, but since my flight is at 21:25 in the evening the date on the certificate does seem to suggest it might have been issued outside of the 72 hour requirement. Does anyone know if
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