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  1. Hi Sheryl, True Sheryl, and unfortunately I will have to return to collect my results as they don't email them to you. But of all the hospitals I spoke to today they seemed the most sure of how long it would take for results, they said between 12 and and before 24 hours.
  2. So Bangkok Hospital, seems to be the best, they start they're testing for foreigners at 7am and they will have the results in 24 hours,Thats 6500 baht, but if you arrive at the hospital after 5pm its 7000 baht.
  3. Thanks Rhacsyn, It's my company that is stipulating the 72 hours across the board.
  4. My wife just spoke to CH3 and they gave a cheaper price than the CH9 call centre gave to me they said 4000 baht for foreigners and thais, but 48 hours for the results.
  5. I think it is looking like a minimum of a 3 day stay in Bangkok at the moment.
  6. Hi Sheryl, They quoted 6500 to 8000 for foreigner and Thai persons 3000 to 5000.
  7. I live between Nakhon Phanom and Sakon Nakhon so neither do the covid test here for travelling. I just spoke to CH9 hospital, They said the results will take 48 hours and if you want a 24 hour results you have to go to CH3 Hospital.
  8. HI Sheryl, I just spoke to them and they said they would like one to two days for an appointment, I'm not sure what day I will be travelling yet as my flight details are not in from work. So one to two days notice and 24 hours for results. I was hoping for a faster turn around if I could, The incoming flights to Suvarnabhumi is only a 70 minute test and result, I know this is Thailand. Regards Devan
  9. Thanks Sheryl, I will have a look at that link now Regards Devan
  10. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone knew where it will be quickest to do a covid test in Bangkok? I will be flying from Suvarnabhumi to the UAE some day next week and I need to have my cover test 72 hours before travel,Is it possible to do the test at Suvarnabhumi airport or is that just for incoming flights? The less time I have to spend in Bangkok the better with everything going on. Thanks for your help, Devan
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