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  1. You know these English tabloids are absolute <deleted> do you? Nowadays, even taking serious sources, it's very complicated to sort out lies from the truth. ...But if you start with a <deleted> source, there is no way ...
  2. please read again my previous post on Canada: the short negotiation format imposed by the UK makes a Canada deal impossible. The CETA started 2004 ended in 2010 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comprehensive_Economic_and_Trade_Agreement To kickoff a Canada FTA the UK negotiation team would need to pragmatically set up the timeframe and DO IT another issue : to negotiate such a deal you need a big competent team of experts, and sadly these competences are not here. You all remember the opening of the negotiations. The UE team arrives after extensive preparation and ready, while the UK team arrives with a big smile having done nothing I guess the UK will go on complaining about it, but there can be no Canada deal, whatever Boris Johnson wants you to believe.
  3. I believe you will find either the transcript or the video on the website of the UK parliament (which is well made, you can also access public hearings which are more in-depth). You can find highlights on YouTube (the guardian, sky news). Now the real issue here is this government: given the amount of disorder, you will find "tout et son contraire" (everything and it's opposite). One of the men in power will make an announce, and then another will say the opposite. Sometimes the same person will contradict himself. To me, this is very un-British. I used to be in relation with extremely articulate people in Britain. These last years, UK governance has been worse and worse
  4. This is clearly reckless from the UK to again hinder negotiations considering the situation, anyway there are two important things here we might discuss Remember the article I shared with you on the inside of the UE negotiating team? The very nature of the UE is negotiating with neighbours and in this situation with huge stakes, the EU will always try to negotiate and conduct very rigorous negotiations. Now for this forum, the question is : will our forum members who pretend the EU side is the one blocking the negotiations take this information or go on with the "evil empire" rhetoric? Important fact : the EU will always be available to fix whatever can still be fixed. Now and in the years to come. And the deal on the table is indeed very attractive. Right now, the UK is selling the EU the most expensive cod ever I'd say.
  5. Today Gove declared in parliament that negotiations ended... while praising the opposite "constructive moves" As usual, it's hard to follow these continuous U-turns. If you say something, just do what you say, if you sign a treaty, then abide by your word. If you don't want a treaty just don't sign... Anyway, the negociations will restart shortly, but considering the time lost these last years, and the few weeks remaining, even if there is a deal, it will be extremely thin https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/18/experts-claim-boris-johnsons-thin-eu-deal-will-cause-major-economic-upset
  6. Well I suppose you know how to find the polls you give us the figures ? Please tell us how many of the NI and Scots citizen : it is probably a hefty majority, even more than the English who now realise that Brexit was a terrible idea sold on lies .. How can you deny them the right to vote in a referendum giving them the choice be free from the "tentacles" of the english, if they wish. Are you afraid they would find it better to leave the UK and be part of the European Union?
  7. The "tentacles" thing is a nice touch, but if the UE is the biggest problem of the UK today (I mean except for those of you who still believe the UK "holds all the cards"), the UK will have to deal with the tentacles of the US and the tentacles of China. Up to you to choose what tentacles you prefer, but mostly the UK could be entering now in a process of "Lebanization" : torn between bigger powers that each want to tear off a piece of you. The US will impose their policy on the UK (ban chinese 5G, accept US food standard at the expense of you farmers). Russia will keep using Novichok like in Amesbury. China will continue breaking the joint declaration on Hong Kong and there's not much the UK can do because they break treaties too. Clearly it's a dangerous world for Global Britain. Now the UK does have its own "tentacles" : what is your opinion on Northern Ireland and Scotland, all? Considering these nations want "to take back control" and be a member of the UE, should they be free to do so? Do they have the right to hold an independence referendum or not?
  8. Johnson is a compulsive liar. That's why he was sacked as a journalist and he is so successful as a politician. ....the problem is not Boris Johnson being a liar, the problem is the value of the signature of the UK on a international treaty, ratified by the parliament and Her Majesty the Queen. Betraying a treaty puts the United Kingdom in the "rogue states" category. "My word is my bond" has for centuries been the motto of the London Stock Exchange, and as a trading nation, keeping you promises, is what used to be the very power your country. In a few weeks, the UK will leave 29 FTAs covering 40 countries and territories. And the country will have to negotiate and sign treaties with partners that now know for a fact that the "Great Seal of the United Kingdom" is a joke.
  9. just type "poll brexit regrets" on Google https://bit.ly/2Hf3mi7 you can choose the "news" section or also search images/graphs with "Bregret'" or whatever
  10. I understand this forum has a lot of british pensioners, the most brexit-prone demographic. So a lot of hardened brexiters not objectively ready to acknowledge Brexit was indeed a terrible choice. Now, if you poll the British people, there is growing consensus that leaving the EU was the wrong move for the country.
  11. Ok would you say that you now pragmatically draw the conclusion that 3 of these politicians (who are now in charge), lied? Now about "goodwill" we could talk at length about who is stalling and on what "The Great Seal of the Realm" on an international treaty means .. but anyway as you A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth we can always talk about expectations of goodwill but between world powers there is no godwill, I'm sorry to be rude, but if a world power can beat another, sooner or later it will. At our personal little scale here, we can blame the politicians we choose to put in power for lying to us (or for being a Cynical Genius in the case of Boris Johnson), but you cannot blame world powers for "screwing" one another when they can; Actually that how the world works.
  12. the UE has been indeed rejected, there is no discussion there, it's done now again please tell me more about what was promised to you. You now have had four years to check the promises made, let's be "no nonsense"
  13. your country has already walked out, what's done is done, you can blame all you want, but you have no more say in UE policy that I have in british policy. now no-nonsense could start with comparing what was promised to you four years ago and what you have now. let's be down-to-earth and pragmatic, can you recognize these politician and pragmatically tell me if as of today, you still believe what they promised?
  14. The first part is certainly true "the UK jointly invested in this"... and the rest is just the usual "evil empire" talk. I think it was a huge blunder to leave the EU, and sticking to your "evil empire", "project fear", "take back control" rhetoric does not help getting a clear vision of what the UK should do next. Brexit in itself was a very very bad idea based on false premises. Now what is done is done: the UK is out and cannot go back in anytime soon. Now, if at least this stupid Brexit idea had been implemented by the witty and clever british people I used to know, the country could have somehow controlled the damage. Right now this is just a mess, and complaining and repeating the same slogans over and over is not in any way a solution. You know, we used to define (with much admiration) the brits as no-nosense, down-to-earth, efficient, pragmatic people.
  15. Indeed Launching a separate REACH system for the UK is just nonsense and it cannot be done whatever politicians in power today in the UK pretend. It just cannot be done. Maybe you watched the sequence when the enquiry of the Environment Sub-Committee discuss the consequences for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland remains within the UE REACH system so one question was "should we move our chemical industry to northern ireland" ? If you ask me, I have no problem giving the brits access to the wealth of databases and standard produced by the UE Agencies, but I would definitely oppose giving them a "free ride", i.e. using it without paying the just price. I would also refuse to give the UK any power to block or jam our processes like they sometimes did in the past. On the European agencies, AFAIK, the brits want more to set up their own systems (calling it like "freedom from slavery"), although they absolutely cannot do without some of them mostly European Aviation Safety Agency and Euratom Supply Agency ...the "left it ajar" thing is Gove backpedaling yesterday on the inevitable continuation of negociations, in line with the theatrical "Brexit deadlines" these last years
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