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  1. A person must be able to qualify to register. There is a need for a referral. How many months do you expect the person to wait because it will be a long waiting time to see a psychiatrist. There are 882 Thai psychiatrists including medical student residents for a country of 70 million. Due to the enormous workload, many of the psychiatrists are off sick or burnt out. The psychiatrists are triaging now, doing emergencies first with little time for follow up and treatment program. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32315309/
  2. Must you? The pathetic aspect of your comment is that Thailand is certainly not looking to declare additional Covid fatalities.
  3. I know of one delivery service still operating: Ambulance/meat wagon.
  4. Are you for real? It is Statutory Rape, as in against the law because it involves a minor. It isn't a technicality, but a bonafide rape. Rape doesn't just occur through physical force. It is just as likely to occur through coercion, manipulation, or intimidation. It is easy to do this with children and people you casually describe as "underage". Society understands that children must be protected from predatory adults, like the the kind of people who go to sex tourism destinations. If there were no statutory rape provisions, teachers, clergy members, coaches, relatives and other author
  5. It has nothing to do with TVF and everything to do with you not managing your browser and not following basic security good practice. If you do not wish to see adverts based upon your internet browsing history, regularly delete your history and cookies. I was looking at laundry machines today and then changed to another page where there were adverts that kept showing me laundry machines. I got rid of the issue by clearing my cookies and browsing history.
  6. Good for you. You can perspire and be soggy to your heart's content. Not all of us walk around in flip flops, shorts and singlet. For those of us who work, temperature under 23C makes it more productive because we are comfortable. I like to sleep in cool room. Maybe you want to live life in Hades, but many of us do not. Enjoy the heat and if you are happy then you can enjoy.
  7. Be warned that the testing requirement of an airline can be different than the testing requirement of the destination country. Each country has its own requirements for certificate format. There is no consistency or guaranteed common format. VERIFY with airline and destination country before departure. My friend have this problem and it took many headache and days to sort out bureaucracy. Many countries have strict test requirements For example Japan requirement is found here: https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/info/2020/inter/201227/?inbound=ar It is somewhat different than
  8. There has been no loss for Thailand. None. Yes one sector, tourism did not receive the tourism revenue. So? People are carrying on as if the money was lost, had disappeared, vaporized, gone poof, never to be seen again. Wrong. The money is still there but is being spent on different activities and services. Some are using money to support family which means spending on goods and services. Others are buying real estate or local consumer items. And others are paying off debt. Thailand is closed to most tourists and so are other countries, so these domestic tourists are not spe
  9. Perhaps a rival road crew gang upset someone moved in on their turf. The southern insurgency has long provided cover for smugglers and criminal gangs. Whenever criminal gangs go at it, it is easy to blame on insurgents.
  10. Kudos for what? Allowing the child to go into dangerous water conditions? Responsible adults look at water conditions first.
  11. This is NOT a field hospital. It is a custodial dormitory, or a detention facility. The term hospital is used to remove the stigma of being in a holding facility. People are taken here against their will. There is no privacy and the place will be a breeding ground for other illnesses. Consider that these people will be using communal toilets and now consider how clean Thais keep their public toilets. I wonder if there will be soap or paper towel in the toilet areas. i expect people will be reluctant to admit to an infection or seek treatment. Compounding the problem is that most Thai worker
  12. That's the issue. The Chinese vaccine results were not public and no thorough review. What data did Thailand have to make thorough review. Chile and Brazil are having negative outcome with the Sinovac vaccine. Chile is reporting only 56% efficacy (subject to 2X dose and several weeks waiting period), which is not good and under normal circumstances would render the vaccine not viable. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3128886/chile-covid-19-vaccination-drive-adds-sinovac-efficacy-data The red flag is the " study by the University of Chile also found that one dos
  13. I suggest you read the specific medical review, not the dumbed down version circulating. The blood clot data released by EMA did not provide sex and age characteristics, so it is easy to make incorrect assumptions. UK has the best quality data so far and it indicates; - the overall risk of clot is roughly 1 in 250,000, based on the 20 million people reviewed for the assessment - issue was specific to people under age 60 with concentration with those under age 30 - females were more likely to have the clotting but this may reflect the fact that more females than males were
  14. Why will Thailand use vaccine that is not proven as effective? It will undermine confidence in vaccines. Yes, we know other vaccines not available and may also be less effective against new variants, but there are modifications and boosters in development. I think in 4-6 months, developed world will be offering booster to inoculated people, while countries like Thailand will still be struggling. Now is time for Thailand to say, help and to get in line, even if it means it will be at back after Africa.
  15. The beach areas are beautiful with some magnificent quality sand and if clean and cared for, would be best in the world class. The inshore areas are similar to what you see when driving through Surat Thani and Krabi. Yes, I believe the area is worth a weekend trip.
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