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  1. So you admit wearing masks make no sense? And you just do it, because you accept that as a foreigner you have no rights? And you just do it, becuase you "empathize" with people who do not have any common sense? If everyone's sane persons decisions will be made by people without any common sense, we will all have a very big problem very soon. I am not selfish at all, I think about us humans as a collective. I think about my kids. And I do not want them or anyone to grow up in a world like this, where sane people decide to change their whole lifes because of the irrational
  2. Sorry to not answer this before, but I do not have the feeling someone would be really interested in assisting me. I am living in the province of Chanthaburi.
  3. Okay. So people in the high risk group too, just with another opinion and another approach, are automatically talking "nonsense" and "load of rubbish"?! Is this the way you have all of your discussions? Interesting. Sounds like you are a very arrogant person, just your own opinion counts and EVERY other opinion is AUTOMATICALLY "nonsense" and load of rubbish". This is actually the definition of arrogant. May I ask if you want to wear a mask for the rest of your life? Because even after you got vaccinated for CertificateOfVaccinationID-19, there are many other diseases out
  4. If this is happening for the risk group, for people like me, why no one asked us, the risk group? Old and sick people worldwide are calling for an end of this madness, because before we wanna live in a world like this we better wanna die in the old world. And no I am not the only one thinking like this and making this up, guess this is what all of you guys will think the next? Just have a internet search and you will find many videos from different countries where old and sick people just say this. And again I wanna ask: NO ONE IS DYING BECAUSE OF CORONA SINCE MANY M
  5. Because Thailand has 0 cases since many months? And I am not sick since many months? In every European country the coronavirus numbers are expotentially higher than in Thailand, because here there are non-existing. And still in every of these countries I could and can get an exemption letter in minutes. I have no interest in accepting senseless rules that further harm my already attacked health and then make a sneaky move around that to just have half the harm. I am a human being and even in a military junta, or more likely especially then, we should demand human rights a
  6. Okay and because something "is like it is", I need to accept that? If everyone would be like you, we would never have any progress for the people. But anyway, I did not came here to discuss why I can't wear a mask. In almost every country people with brains see the problem that several people can't wear a mask and need a medical letter for exemption. And have fun with the wet air you breath in through the mask with your fungal spores in your lung. But just because you like to sacrifice yourself for senseless rules, don't put that on anyone with a medical condition.
  7. I just want to be treated like a human being. And I think this is a real issue. We all live in a country where human right means nothing, and just because most of the inhabitants accept it, we start to accept it, too? Sorry, but I can't. Even without Asthma I woudl stand for other people, but now I stand for myself.
  8. It's a human right to get medical treatment. This letter is a kind of medical treatment, as without this treatment I get very sick. And can you explain me why I should wear this mask? I mean it cannot be because of Coronavirus, because there is none in Thailand. I just do not understand and just want to live a healthy life in this country. Why everyone just silently accepts what's going wrong here?
  9. Hi guys, I write here because I am really desperate and need help. I have severe Asthma and my oxygen levels are low all the time anyway already. When I wear a mask, I get dizzy, I get anxious, I can't breath anymore and my oxygen levels go lower after some time, too. I have two friends in Germany and Netherlands with Asthma and they have no issues at all to get a medical letter from ANY doctor to get a written letter that exempt them from mask wearing. Now I went to 6(!) different doctors in Thailand already and they all refused, almost anxiously,
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