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  1. Didn't expect to meet an angrier person than me. But you made it. I have a couple of friends retired here. Well one a very long time friend, took his wife back on a immigrant visa earlier this year. They are struggling. My wife sees this and so has no big dream of America other than to visit my family and see the sights. She is very happy to live here. As pointed out in my earlier comment, she lived with me in Australia on a spouse visa application, but after 15 months decided she preferred Thailand. My own experience with Thai immigration has not been too bad. I got a retirement visa in
  2. This is still my topic and as long as you answer I have a right to respond. So stop answering. Frankly, your anger and unprovoked attack gives me reason to suspect you and your friend. I have not made a single negative comment about you, except to point out your unwarranted attack. I know what I am angry about. I don't know what you are angry about. I don't think you do either. At this point I wouldn't accept your help. You have made it sound very suspicious with your responses. I may not be as smart as I think I am. But I bet I am a whole lot smarter than you think I am.
  3. You are getting excited again with your all CAPS. My original post is just my topic and expressing my view of the non-sensible nature of the interview as regards the spouse of an American citizen. I wasn't really asking for any help. Just looking for view points on the issue. Some people have given good information as to their experiences. The general consensus seems to be that it is unfair, and is so because there are many who have not acted in good faith in the process. That isn't the intent of my wife and I. I just want to visit with my mother after 17 years gone, and I think it reasonable
  4. I never said your friend was a scam. Never mentioned him at all. Perhaps you are overly sensitive that I didn't take up the offer right away. After some thought, I was actually going to ask for your referral. But yes, I fail to see how a lawyer is going to change the outcome. After all, if I as her husband can't provide guarantee for her departure, how is any legal firm going to do so? Now, I accept that I am argumentative on this subject, because one, I'm 64 and two, I find the lack of logic of this too much. Being told you did not convince the official you intend to return, but you can
  5. I guess the point I am making, is that the official in Chiang Mai did not ask for a single bit of evidence, which I had not really prepared for her. At the BKK interview, she had every conceivable document with official translations. Neither asked for income evidence. Only BKK asked for the business registration. So neither application failed on lack of evidence. Some have suggested it is because I put 3 months on the time to stay. That is my desire, not hers. After 17 years away from family, if you are buying tickets, you sort of want to get your moneys worth. I suppose I could have lied and
  6. That is a really great story. Thanks for sharing it. Before the BKK appointment, I contacted what I supposed to be my state senator in Washington state. I say "supposed" because I have not lived in the US since 2003, no address there of any kind. Pretty much been an Aussie since 2003. The senator's office sent me a copy of the same form letter the embassy gives when the visa is denied. They did say if I had more information to justify the visa, they could issue a letter to the embassy. I sent then the full application form and asked in two emails for the letter. No reply. At the BKK appoi
  7. You didn't make a single applicable point in all that. With 350 million people, of course the US will have a larger number of millionaires that smaller countries. Probably not many who are Thais who immigrated though. She lived with me in Australia for 15 months. She found, as I had explained to her beforehand, the reality is, you can and will make more money in a western country, but you will spend it all between taxes and cost of living. I was earning over AU$100,000 per year. Seems a lot. But after 20%+ taxes and higher living costs, you really don't end up living the Hi-So life style.
  8. Absolutely. And as I have told my wife; living on retirement income, there is no way you will have a better life in America than you can have in Thailand. That is just basic common sense.
  9. I am quite sure it is not me who is ignorant. Unprepared for the simplistic thinking of consular office staff perhaps. An email from the consulate stated, "The official has typically made their decision before the interview, from information on the application". When part of that information is the US citizen spouses contact information, and the official is told the spouse is in the embassy at the same time getting a new passport, and no attempt to talk to the spouse is made, that makes asking that information on the application pointless. The embassy FB page recently posted a notice abou
  10. My wife and I have been married 3 years. She lived with me in Australia from Sept 2107 to December 2018 when I retired and we came to Thailand. I am a dual US/Australian citizen. She applied for a visitor visa to accompany to visit family in the US. It was denied at the Chiang Mai consulate. Only reason given, she did not convince the officer she had "compelling reasons to return". This is basically an ignorant decision considering if she and I wished to permanently reside in the US, we would simply do a full immigration application. We could also simply return to Australia if there was a desi
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