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  1. I went back to the Buriram DLT office today at 8am The first 25 people to show up to renew their license get an appointment - no booking necessary Paperwork: Copy passport signed Copy visa stamp signed (60 day extension) Current Medical certificate Address certification from IO (500B - need photo) 9am went up to the DLT Game Traffic light colors test Breaking test Perspective test (No peripheral vision test) Then watched a road safety video for 1 hour Paid for 5 year car license 505B
  2. OK - the saga continues. I got my 60 day visa extension yesterday and returned to the Buriram DLT around 12:30pm Went to the same office as before and it was deserted. Told to go downstairs to a tent outside. Got there and there were about fifty people waiting. Was told to use the QR code and make an appointment (a month ago no one in the office mentioned this). Was told to expect a 2 month wait! Used the QR code and got the DLT App downloaded on my phone. Went home. Set up App to use En
  3. I went to renew my Thai Driving License at the Buriram office today. There are new requirements in place they told me. My non-im O visa had a 60 day extension a month ago. They told me that was no good and I needed to come back when I had my next 60 day extension. They also said that even though my address was the same, I needed to also get a proof of address from the Immigration Office. So from tomorrow my license will have expired, and they said I would either have to not drive, or accept any police fine. Has anyone else
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