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  1. If on the 28th I take a flight, Chiang Mai to Phuket via Bangkok. Would I need to Quarantine in Phuket due to passing through BKK? Chiang Mai is a yellow zone and Bangkok red, and all red zone arrivals must quarantine 14 days, But I am wondering if passing through Bangkok would mean I would automatically be classed as having come from a red zone ?
  2. So I recently sold my house in the UK. I have around 600,000 pounds in my UK bank account. Divorced, I have no pension, no other savings, investments or assets and I am 42 years old. I would like to permanently retire and live in Thailand, leading a modest lifestyle. I have no knowledge of finance, business (other than my original trade in the UK which I cannot do in Thailand ) I was wondering if this sum of money is enough, and if so what I should do with it to best see out my days in retirement here (I enjoy writing and wish to do it full time)
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