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  1. Hi Richard, Thanks for the info. I was originally on a METV, then went through the amnesty days and now on a Covid Extension. I have a valid Canadian license. Last time I applied for Thai licenses it was pretty simple. I watched a video that had nothing to do with my situation for around an hour, did the colour blind & peripheral tests, and that was it.
  2. Okay, thanks. I was told that since my licenses are more than a year expired I have to sit in the DLT office for up to 5 hours doing something.... but supposedly not actually driving. Any idea what is involved?
  3. I received Thai car and motorcycle licenses while on a non-imm b with work permit. The 2 licenses are now more than 1 year expired. I'm currently on a Covid Extension... initially a METV. Is it possible for me to renew them with a Proof of Address certificate from immigration & medical form?
  4. If you're renewing both a car & motorcycle license, do you need 2 Proof of Residency certificates?
  5. Hi, I understand what a homeroom teacher is in Canada .... and a quick Google search seems to agree with my definition. What exactly is a homeroom teacher in Thailand? A teacher who is assigned to one class of students and teaches a variety of subjects? Thanks,
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