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  1. Like fluently perhaps!, Why would you stay in a country where they do not understand you?
  2. And that is probably the last thing we hear or read about this. That´s all folks! Nothing more to see.
  3. Like I already posted. You people must learn to look at all factors and not only one. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-resilience-ranking/
  4. You are not only looking at that when finding out which countries made the best result during the pandemic. There are many more factors to tkae into consideration. Click here and you will find a fresh updated result. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-resilience-ranking/
  5. I think that you are going to be perfect as a government advisor on things that they don´t want anybody to research in.
  6. Yes! Buy a ticket to Sweden. After that you take the Arlanda bus to Stockholm, St: Eriksplan and take a session at Sthlm Physique. That´s the best back massage in the whole wide world. In Bangkok they just have a whole bunch of amateurs, if you do not pay for happy happy. Then you just get what you deserve.
  7. If my dog babysitter was shot and two dags were stolen, I would never hit the press. I hate favorism.
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