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  1. You are wrong. Many people use it as a social thing, just like with beer and other alcoholic beverages. You know one thing. They do that without being sick. If you have another opinion than you are probably sick when you take a beer, a glas of wine or a drink. Or what do you say about that. Is alcohol use just something that people relax with? Now do you understand the similarity?
  2. That´s part of the old normal that has been integrated with the new.
  3. Seems to me that you do not understand much. No, what I meant was why you think that your opinion is right and do not realize that you are talking against many, hence the amount of posts you must defend youself with. What all can read here is that your opinion is the only one, and that you say all weed lovers are sick. The reality might be that the weed lovers are right and you are the one that is sick.
  4. Ask yourself instead. What is it with you that have to engage yourself in something that you do not like or have interest for? A change always syart with looking at yourself instead of writing that it´s wrong with everyone else. Out of your sound it can be you against 250 others, and they are all wrong. Do you listen to the bad sound of that? Also you lead the amount of posts in this thread by the double, which cement that you talk against many. You are only right in your opinion.
  5. Yes! Last time I went with one it was. About 1 year ago, though. That was in Ubon, so I guess it´s an even bigger chance that they are using the system in BKK.
  6. Don´t need any experst for this. The answer is easy! Stop going backwards!
  7. Yes, of course! All in the name of justice. Go Hun Sen!
  8. What? fall 6% in Asian trade?? Isn´t Bitcoin value universal?
  9. You do know that there are many countries that already legalized cannabis? Does that mean that you are same sick?
  10. Illigal? Guessing you missed the whole point of this piece of news. They removed it from the narcotics list. That is a step in the direction to make it legal.
  11. What in the world are you insinuating? Your reply just shows how little you know of this. Are you saying that alcohol is not more dangerous? In that case you should probably check the statistics of death from alcohol and compare that with the yearly number of death as a result of cannabis use.
  12. Unfortunately he is a little bit too young. Otherwise it looks exactly like a comedy flick we could name "Granpa 2: Social Security Refused
  13. So, can we assume that alcohol, that are much more dangerous, should be illegal in your opinion as well?
  14. Good for you! Think it might be time to consider an option for Thailand then.
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