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  1. Us and them.... The Ministry if health still encourages discrimination. So: its ok if older men and women die, as long as its not "Thai" men and women..... <removed> When they begin herding people into box cars, it may be time to be concerned.
  2. We could not just say : Families? It had to be thais and foreigners? When will the racist reporting stop?
  3. Its not enough..... I applaud the PM for making an appearance and executing a plan. Unfortunately....its too little, to late. The Heslth Ministry should say we made a mistake by not accepting the terms for the conditional purchase plans of the vaccines being offered by USA and the UK in the early part of the year. Now, the people will suffer, the poor who are sick are coming out for food and medical services that are non existant. They ard communicating the disease to others..... Klong Toei Slums are a perfect example.
  4. Fifelad 55, To supplement Ubonjoe and other posters: You must be under a Thai Doctors continuous care with medical certificates to prove which ever ailment prevents you from returning to your homeland. Up to date and accurate supporting documentation with that particular Thai doctor still emploued at the hospital of your choosing with a paper trail of history ....first visit to your most recent. Happy Hunting
  5. Is that a Joke, Johnny? Whats the labor laws in Pakistan, Syria and Nicaragua? Regardlesd of your homeland, unless you could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt: that a Crime was being or has been commited with witnnesses, evidence and VDO..... You're barking up a tree.
  6. Always a pleasure to hear about one's achievements. Congrats to both of you. Government work is typically unforgiving and thankless. Bravo Zulu to you and yours!
  7. Uh huh.... and just exactly how were they planning on doing that? As if the Thai Police are not over burdened as it is now..... some how they will monitor and sample delivery prices throughout the Kingdom? To insure fairness and continuity? As if thats been a theme of recent decades.
  8. Not this same old story about Foreigners again..... Mr. Peter Jensen, This is not news, nor is it worthy of reporting. More akin to reaching and drivel. Give a us a good college effort and journal up.... Not hope, pray, speculate or make conjecture on : He said, she said they said.....
  9. It speaks more than volumes.... We can't get our military vaccinated? Incompetence!
  10. Liar, Liar, pants on Fire! I need not read the Article. As I was present today in a local Hospital in Phra Khanong on the tail end of the conversation from the Hospitals Director complaining fiercely to the Bangkok Chamber of Commerce. Remove the restrictions now Minister Anutin. Racist!
  11. The Racist, who's greed will kill more Thais and destroy more families. When will this man be arrested and sentenced? How can he still be a Minister in Thailand or anywhere else? His wealth gives him the right to spread khaos, mame and kill? No wonder the professional medical people are calling for his resignation....
  12. Kish, You seem to not be paying attention or are totally confused. The Prime Minister announced over Songkran to return home and Stay Home. If home is in Bangkok: What are you doing in Issan? That is a rhetorical question.
  13. Klong Toei is a ghost area already. Bangkok University is nearly abandoned. Kluay Nam Thai road to Rama 4 is almost depleted of any traffic. At Narong exit ( that boarders the slums) and is across from the main gates to the shipping docks is eerily quite. Beware: traveller's take warning.
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