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  1. Dear Wasabi. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family for enduring this non sense, while simutaneously keeping your cool. This is the surperfolpus indignation No One Should have to Endure. The fact is: You are paying them, they are public servants. Period. They, as well as us seem to forget this small but important detail. They can make the copies. If they wish to squander natural resources. They can (at any time) use a scanner, a debit card, and a fingerprint ID, and stop the maddness anytime they want. I constantly rem
  2. How can they legalize it? If its truly lucrative to the Thai police, to make it legal would remove income from law Enforcement Agencies... If we're going to legalize gambling, let's break another barrier(s) and legalize brothels and Narcotics. We can have shisha, yaba, opium, heroin and cannabis dens....all government regulated and with safety and security. Khrap
  3. Cold War? Forget about it.... If Joe sent in a Battle group already, just like pieces on a Chessboard, its to see how the Chinese react.... Talk or Action?
  4. More camers brilliant! How about more training, better conditions, increased salaries, performance reviews, Internal affairs, and free dry cleaning for they're uniforms? I feel safer already. Yeah, more cameras and listening devices, oh joy.
  5. What predictions are these figures based on? Pure specuation..... The USTR is still upset about no pork exports to Thailand.... and full tariffs will be levied against Thai imports. Come on CP, we need spicey breakfast sausage patties!.....and Kalbasi! Good Eastern block food!
  6. Dormitories? Is that what 20' and 40' shipping containers are called now? Where people are expected to sleep, eat, cook, raise new born's, copulate, and urinate/defecate are not called "containers", but: Dormitories, got it.
  7. Too little, too late. Women and men who's families are poor have been doing this for decades.... Now they are officially told they may never return and forced into Slavery.... ? Again, too little too late.
  8. The entire system has overcomplicated itself. This again is the problem with "biting the hand that feeds" Too many schemes and scams. To the OP, as several have mentioned....Go to an embassy in the USA. Bring a few bucks, put on a suit, bring front and second page of house book, your passport and your Thai marriage license. Done
  9. I wish, and in a perfect world...... if they were to show the true locations, and accurate: what would be the fate of business' in those communities? Personally. I would avoid them like the Plauge. No pun intended. Im sure Central and other small businesses are financially strapped as it is, in Samut Sakorn.
  10. The Government may be purposely purging the small and/or successful businesses for its own purposes.... Dictatorship is the slippery slope all residents and citizens are currently experiencing. Free enterprise, capitalism, sole proprietors, partnerships....who needs that anymore? Let the businesses die on the vine... the government will save us with new government subsidiarias and military protection from ourselves.... Long Live The PM!
  11. For all my fellow forum participants who live in Prachuap Khiri Khan,: Thats nothing less than race discrimination. I smell a large class action suit in the making. The court house Is in Mueang Prachuap, and I would gladly hire an attorney to start the ball rolling..... The Constitution of Thailand prohibits any discrimination on the grounds of origin, race, language, sex, age, disability, physical or health condition, personal status, economic and social status, religious belief, education, or political views. Section 15 of the LPA and the Gender Equality
  12. Regardless of the big tourist switch being turned on, No one is coming. The millions of unemployed, the millions of people in financial debt, tens of thousands of parked airplanes, and the hassel of being exposed or subjected to more Immigration Visa scams/schemes? Now is the time to reform the draconian and antiquated laws. Go E-Government Now, before the percentages rise to 65 or 75% less tourism and less exports as well.
  13. Now we all know why <deleted> off Americans Stormed the Capital..... Law makers wasting our hard earned tax dollars on squabbling and rhetoric. He said, she said, they said..... when will we learn?
  14. Speculation and conjecture. We could not have a 2021 photo? Thats kind of lame. Im feeling optimistic as well. : Global Unity. Khrap
  15. Dictatorship vs. Democracy.... THE PM Scores in the superpoll center for research next week for mobilizing the army and not motivating the province governors. Mark my words.
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