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  1. The planners are slowly turning one of the most vibrant cities in the world to another souless Chinese city full of condos. I miss street food, street vendors, the crazy quirky charms that made this city amazing. Sanitized and gentrified is hurting this city.
  2. Stubbornly remains. It's all over for any sort of normality in the near future.
  3. When vaccines give efficiency figure - what does that mean ? Is it the rate of those catching it ?
  4. If the EU, UK, USA have passed the Oxford vaccine, what will Thai authorities find that's different. Just more beaurachy.
  5. That would not explain the very low infection rate. I'm watching the news and they are having massive farmers protests in Delhi - no social distancing, yet it doesn't appear covid is running rife. Could it actually be Herd immunity? If there's anyone that's been to India - you know would know the conditions are perfect for a virus to spread rife.
  6. Can someone offer some rational explanation over what is going on with India? From nigh on 100,000 cases a few months ago, and the threat of a huge catastrophe, they are now averaging around 12,000 cases a day ! This with a population of 1.4 billion people !!! Before anyone says - ''they are not testing'' - it's not true, they are testing on a mass scale. Hospitalisations are also very low in India. Anyone have a way of explanations?
  7. They don't seem inclined to go for a hard lockdown - meaning they are pretty much okay with a low level of covid in society, and trying to control it. A hardcore lockdown and attempt to eradicate it doesn't appear on the cards.
  8. The fact we have a consistent reporting of cases for this long suggests there is plenty of Covid around ...there maybe low testing, but thankfully low level hospitalisations suggests it's not a massive outbreak.
  9. Remaining pretty consistent at around 200-300 - wonder how many tests are being done and what percentage are testing positive? Anyways IT'S ALL OVER.
  10. Friend in Pattaya has a bad cold/flu - was told by local hospital just to stay at home. No test for her. How many else like this?
  11. Sweden have put many curbs in place. Hell if you were in Thailand trying to get to Sweden the Swedish borders were closed. My Swedish friend had to go through London to get back to Sweden.
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