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  1. As long as they still let Japanese (and Chinese) Tourists into the country, this directive makes no sense. Obviously, they are not confining arriving tourists to their hotel rooms for 2 weeks.
  2. Haven't biked across that border in ages but that is a very quiet border :Don't think there is much of anything on either side. There used to be a boat from Satun to Kuala Perlis, the first town on the Malaysian side, plenty of hotels there.
  3. If they notice it at all-highly unlikely in itself - all they might do is inform you about the consequences, something you probably know already. There is no way they will report you to the Thai authorities.
  4. The OP makes the point under 1. that he believes that buying a ticket in Thailand is much cheaper.
  5. Why would booking an onward flight be done more cheaply here in Thailand. Aren't most flights booked online nowadays, so it wouldn't really matter where you are located when you book it.
  6. The TAT and our lovely minister for Tourism just placed an order for additional Indians and Bangkokians to replace the Chinese. They can do magic here.
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