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  1. This first hand information is a little outdated, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was still true :Years ago I was in Angeles city and, not wanting to spend any time in Manila, I shopped around for an agency in Angeles that would handle Thai TV:They all told me that I would have to go to the Thai embassy in person to apply for a visa. So in this respect Manila would be like Vientiane, not like Penang or Phnom Penh, where most people go through agencies and never set foot in the embassy.
  2. Yeah, foreigners should strictly observe Thai laws, while the native world champion scoff laws break just about every law in the Thai law code :What has observing or breaking the law to do with being a foreigner, other than that the one penalty Thais are exempted from is deportation. What is a couple of foreigners teaching English without a work permit (in a country where most of the English teachers can't even speak English) compared to the daily carnage on Thai roads or Mister Red Bull Coke and booze befuddled zipping through downtown Bangkok at 200 kph killing a cop and dragging his corpse down Sukhumvit Rd. :He was allowed to deport himself and is now traveling around the world living the dream.
  3. It probably doesn't :just moving a corpse from the site of its demise to a place of concealment (like drag it out of your room into the hallway and put it in a trash bag might be enough for these additional charges)
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