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  1. Would love to do that. Unfortunately I am stuck in Vietnam. Until the quarantine requirement is dropped, I won't be able to visit. But miss my regular trips to Ban Chang and Pattaya.
  2. The problem with TEFL is that there does not seem to be a central certifying agency. As far as I know there are only 2, Cambridge ' s CELTA and Trinity TESOL, that have universal global recognition. I am in Vietnam now, and most of the teachers here get some Mickie Mouse online TEFL for less than 100 $, which you can complete in a few days and certifies 120 hour TEFL. As long as you can get it notarized, most schools seem to be OK with it and you can get a WP. But, if you really want to learn something, do the CELTA. At around 1700 $ for the whole course it won't come cheap though.
  3. Haven't been in Ban Chang since the Pandemic hit. How are the bars doing? Business was way down even before Corona. Imagine lots of them had to close down.
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