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  1. I take issue with you concerning your last comment which is not correct insofar as I am concerned.. I registered with Mor Prom and was informed there was no vaccine available in my location - I am living in Issan - and to wait for further info. That was when Mor prom was launched and I am still waiting! I am going home to UK next month and will have my shots because at 83 I don't want to be hanging on any longer. However, I do acccept the general direction of your comments but you would do well to demonstrate a little more compassion for older folks who rightly are c
  2. Fear not you are not alone! I am 83 and feel the same way.. I fer
  3. Whilst the 'other' variants have been, in the main, dealt with, the Main area of concern now is the Delta variant. Putting too much emphasis on being 'vaccinated and protected' whilst true where the initial variants are concerned, will lead to more people being infected by the Delta variant if we let our guard down because it is not known if the current vaccines can deal with it, and current indication from PHE is that efficiay of these vaccines is quite low, in the absence of relevant data. Ipsofacto Phuket and Pattaya are placing too much hope on being 'vaccinated' and expectin
  4. Having given up on trying to register on line, I decided to visit two hospitalsto see if I could register with either. One hospital is local to where I live, the other is a large hospital in the main city of the Province. I was told I could register by both and I did register with the large one. However I was told that vaccination for me, by both hospital, would not be before the end of the year, as they had instructions that Foreigners must wait and Thai people must be vaccinated first. I will not shoot the messenger,. However seems very xenophobic to me.
  5. Don't hold your breath. Remember we all left the UK and as far as the UK Government and British Embassy are concerned, we have ceased to exist or be of any concern. But that dosn't stop them charging us Income Tax!
  6. I am weeks away from my 83rd birthday. I live North of the city of Khon Kaen. Just attempted to make an appt on the intervac site. Got all the way to 'select hospital' Only three choices and all in Bangkok. Perhaps knowledge of other parts of Thailand were not taught tothe programmers when they went to schools ormaybe they didn't go!
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