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  1. Perhaps it was not mentioned because the clinic has a license to perform such procedures, the doctor has a license and a license for plastic surgery and has the proper equipment and medical knowledge/expertise for any emergencies?
  2. obvious, at age 21 Far from unheard of for young people to have undiagnosed heart problems.
  3. The OP addressed that (but they're only illegal if they're in use)...
  4. Well, they're not true because that's not what happened, your comment is not accurate. This is what was actually reported... "Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he was recommending that Murphy and her team "do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my [his] team to do the same" "Telling" and "recommending" do not mean the same thing.
  5. If that situation did arise it would not be "compulsory" or "illegal". It would only be compulsory for those wanting to use the services (or enter a country) of of an organisation or government that insisted on it to use their services.
  6. Don't panic, no carts have been put before any horses. This is just a question posed by The Thaiger, it's not a policy that has been implemented and the introduction of such a potential requirement has not even been suggested by those who could do so.
  7. Are you the owner? If you are not, can you dispose of it, regardless of whether it's junk? Someone, or some agency, must own it, or be responsible for it. Third parties cannot just decide to dispose of a deceased person's possessions.
  8. Maybe they do have that licence bit she specifically did not want a "hotel" and SSV services are only available for registered guests, not the general public for a fee. From their website (and my knowledge of living there)... "Remark: All service & facilities are reserved for only apartment guests".
  9. No, it isn't, there are specified sizes and charges, no interpretation need come into it.
  10. It's a serviced apartment, not a hotel and it's called Sathorn Saint View.
  11. "What's is up with Subarus pricing?" The website also states this under the published prices... "Recommended retail price only the car Options and accessories are not included. The company reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice". Or perhaps the dealer that you went to just did not have basic models in stock to offer?
  12. When they've been confirmed as acting illegally presumably they will be identified publicly, until then there's no reason to make details public... "A probe by the Department of Business Development has turned up five juristic entities suspected of using local nominees to illegally help foreigners invest in Thailand this year ... The department has forwarded its findings for further investigation by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI)".
  13. But they're only "supporting the local economy" because they live here, they have no choice but to support it and they're not bringing Covid! There's no charitable aspect to retirees buying what they need to live. What Thailand doesn't want is retirees coming back here from countries that have a rampant Covi-19 problem and that makes sense whether those involved are tourists or retirees. What rules are you referring to that retirees who are already here are finding hard to cope with, there's been no changes to them, have there?
  14. You mean that extra B50 airport fee that's never been increased or abused? I don't know why the B50 doesn't cover it, I didn't make the rules but it's still only B20! Let us know when you experience it being increased or abused.
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