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  1. yes, I don't know how the process goes... all I know is that in 3 hours everything was done in that booth. now with the new Work permit App that I had to install in my phone I guess everything goes smoother... Any clue about my question? Yes, there is a One-stop service in CM immigration
  2. One-Stop booth they did mine, not sure because my company is a BOI one or not...but they did it there or at least I didn't have to go to the labor department myself...
  3. Hi, next year will be my time to renew my work permit - Visa. And I know all the paperwork I have to bring, but there is only one that they ask only when you renew (first time dind't need because I hadn't) TAX report. Can someone guide me what is exactly what they are asking here? - Only the last 3 months before renew my WP-Visa? - the slips that I paid my Social Security or the PND-91 of 2020? -... Thanks
  4. PND-91 of 2020..I think you have to do it beginning of 2021 (until end of March 2021) This is the taxes I was talking about.
  5. As I understood here is.... they don't care how much the company pay me, we want you to pay the taxes or whatever as it is 50.000, right? Anyway all my Social security has been the max amount (750b/month) only some months that I guess it was the Social Security Office who changed the % to everyone who was working because of the covid... some months 150, last month 300 b, but the rest it was always the max amount allowed to pay...
  6. Thanks, So what do I have to ask the the account guy in the company? I have to renew mine on Sept 2021
  7. I have a question that maybe there is no easy answer yet, but if someone is in the same situation and has any clue… Is concerned about this year Personal Taxes (PND-91) Next year I will have to renew my WP and Visa, but since March my company made all the staff start working only half day (and of course half salary). One of the requirements to renew is Tax return from my last work permit (so this year). Failing this requirement, will seriously prejudice my application to renew my work permit and Visa to stay here. I am from Europe, so in my case (50.000/month). I wor
  8. What if the company tells you that you have to work part time and your salary is affected and does not meet the minimum requirements? My company has reduced the working hours for all employees since March due to the pandemic ... and it seems to me that I will not reach that minimum this year to renew the Visa..
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