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  1. Thanks for all your replies guys. But I'm kind of wishing I hadn't asked now. Risk of death ? Maybe you're assuming I'm a bigger drinker than I actually am. Let me just say, I've just finished 3 months of 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week. I use beer (never spirits) as a relaxant. I will typically drink 8 Pint cans of Stella a night, just to help me switch off. It has little affect on me, other than helping me relax. I get plenty of sleep and have no ill affects in the morning. My alcohol tolerance must be very high as when I'm home in Udon Thani, I generally drink a box of 12 large Singha's every
  2. Its probably 40 years since i last did a day without a drink, my bad i know. But I'm worried how my body will react to total abstinence for 15 nights. I know I can get a liter in from duty free. But as a heavy beer drinker, that wont cut it. Has anyone got any experience of any of the ASQ hotels allowing purchase of beer ? Im willing to pay over the odds and I know that generally does the trick, but is that the case now ? Or am I due a heavy case of the DT's ?
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