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  1. Dr. Somboon at St Louis Hospital. 5min walk from BTS station. He burnt off several moles/age spots and the cost was just 200b/spot. You may want to consider different approaches (electro, laser, shaving, cryo) for different types (mole, age spot, skin tag, etc.), so best to consult a dermatologist and get the right treatment. MedconsultAsia also advertises they have a specialist for moles. Send them a pic on LINE and they can advise. Good luck.
  2. Also HIGHLY recommend Dr Donna for dermal filler. Not only does she understand the "aesthetic art" of doing the injections, but she also uses a cannula instead of a syringe which gives a better result. My wife and I had it done for nasolabial area and very pleased with the results. If you ping them on LINE, they will tell you when there is a promotion on. Recently Neruamis was on crazy promo for 3500b/1cc, which was half of when we got Perfectha for 7000b/1cc on promo. I suspect they will soon have a Christmas promotion on, so wait a bit. In my opinion, there is no need to get the US-made fill
  3. My observation is all of the Tens units are knock-offs from China. They are manufacturers for US companies, so they put out grey market units which use the same hardware with slightly different software. The Tens unit I got is an exact copy of a USD350 HealtmateForever T24AB2 unit which costed THB1500 via Ubuy (see photo). Works very well, with 24 modes (massage/rhythm types), 4 outputs with A/B mode (so you can get up to 8 pads doing 4 areas with 2 different massage patterns) with separate intensity levels and a timer. The size is the same a first gen iPhone with a touch screen (you can use f
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