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  1. Electric cars are the future. But at this point in time (2021) they are just a joke.
  2. While they certainly pollute more. Diesel engines have a significantly higher compression ratio to that of petrol engines, which results in the engine having stronger internals to withstand that extra pressure, which ultimately results in Diesel engines lasting longer than petrol engines. (And this alone is enough reason to buy Diesel, I’ve seen Mercedes petrol engines knocking and burning oil at only 200,000km, and I’ve also seen Mercedes Diesel engines like the OM646 or OM648 running like new after a taxi driver has done over 640k kilometers with it, and minimal maintenance to it, regular oi
  3. Sort of a member card. You can get it for free at any Bangchak station. Then every time you refuel your car ask the staff to swipe that member card into their machine. It will give you points, which then you can exchange for stuff in their app. If I’m not wrong refueling around 800 THB results in 50 something free THB recharge for DTAC. Refueling close to 6000 THB worth of diesel every month, I pretty much get free mobile phone
  4. S B7 Premium from Bangchak. Have tried Premium B7 from Bangchak, PTT and Shell. Bangchak and Shell get a similar mileage slightly higher than PTT. But, for some reason I think acceleration is better with Bangchak's (no science behind it, tho). Plus Bangchak is closer to home. Engine: Mercedes-Benz E-Class CDI Engine. Plus, topping up the phone pretty much for free every month with the Bangchak Green Miles Card
  5. Chances are, you are about to get scammed. Remember that, if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't.
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