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  1. My Android mobile phone , running Android 6.0.1 ( cannot update any more ) is generally running very slow . I have tried all the recommended options to get the phone back to its once quick state , but to no avail. So now I want to do a factory reset and see what difference that may make . So I’m looking for the best and most reliable option to do a full backup of the phone before I do a factory reset . Once the factory reset has been completed I then want to reinstall all the previously backed up items to the now factory reset phone . Can any one please recommend a way
  2. Thanks, well my 3BB internet connection completely went off ( currently using a SIM card to connect ) this is the message I now get on my mobile phone using the 3BB app. Waiting to see what happens next
  3. Thanks guys , its appreciated . So would you consider the speed test results shown in screen shot F. ( international connections ) to be acceptable ? Thanks
  4. Hi and thanks for the comment I'm a bit confused , if I signed up for 3BB GIGA Fiber Download speed – 1000 Mbps / Upload speed – 300 Mbps and no one in the 3BB office or the 3BB installation guys mentioned about '' Only '' getting the advertised speeds '' if the content supplier is based in Thailand . Any where outside of Thailand then the advertised speeds do '' NOT '' apply . Have I got this right ?
  5. Hi and Thanks . So what you are saying is when I signed up for 3BB GIGA Fiber Download speed – 1000 Mbps / Upload speed – 300 Mbps. I was really signing up for a service that will only give me accesses to the speeds advertised , but only for content based in Thailand ? Have I got that right .
  6. Hi and thanks , this is a screen shot just now with my browser ad blockers turned off
  7. I have recently had a 3BB fibre internet connection installed in my house and originally it seemed to be working well . The 3BB package I signed up for is the The 3BB GIGA Fiber Download speed – 1000 Mbps / Upload speed – 300 Mbps. My computer has a direct wired connection to the 3BB router via an ethernet cable. The 3BB installation people originally first tested the connection speed by using my computer and going to this web page …. https://speedtest.3bb.co.th/ The results from that very first internet speed test are shown on screen shot – A Ive now noticed t
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