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  1. I know they give you an under consideration stamp at first, but I'm not clear whether your existing permission to stay has to cover the under consideration period, or whether they give you a few days when you first go, then the full 60 after they've considered and approved the application. Can anyone clarify how this works? Cheers
  2. So I have a bike test coming up, and not having my own bike I arranged to borrow one. The (Thai sized) owner asked me if I wanted to borrow her helmet as well. I assumed she was kidding but tried it on for a laugh and it was loose on me. The plastic was like a kids' toy and it weighed about the same as a cycling helmet. I wasn't expecting it to be the highest quality but I wasn't prepared for that. The bike is only a 125 scooter type thing but even so this crash hat is obviously not giving her anywhere near enough protection. Now I could go and buy her a proper helmet, but it'd be
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