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  1. Both of my documents, PCR tests from Clarity Labs at LAX, and Fit to Fly from quick.md were emailed to me, I printed them, and had no problems boarding Singapore airlines, and passing Immigration at BKK... I am in ASQ day 2 in Bangkok now. The authorities seem quite familiar and accepting of printed emailed documents, as I think they are the majority of documents presented now.
  2. Bingo, I worked it out and decided to fly out from LAX on a Wednesday night for exactly this reason, and I'm glad I did, just for the peace of mind. That said, Monday would have worked ok, as you can now get a Covid test AT LAX with results in 3-5 HOURS. I flew in to LAX on Monday afternoon, walked and rolled over to the Terminal 6 testing site (you have to book a reservation and pay ahead of time $125), got the test taken and was on my hotel shuttle within an hour of landing.I did an online FTF by video interview with quick.md ($75 ) from my hotel (set up appt. online) and had a FTF certifica
  3. Congrats Skeptic. Yeah COE was the last piece to arrive for me too. I think they do pay attention to travel dates and do try to get you in, but they don't mind you sweating it out a bit either. Now you just have to make it through the final 72 hour song and dance...
  4. Awesome stuff, feels good don't it? On my inbound flight from Singapore there were only 17 passengers and the entry was actually quite smooth and slick. There were a lot more processors than processees, and the whole deal took maybe 20 minutes. As long as your paperwork is in order, it's no sweat. They got us off the plane, walked us in a line down the travellators to some rows of chairs, and had everybody sit down. starting at the front, somebody will check your paperwork for completeness, Covid test, FTF, COE, Insurance, ASQ booking, T.M.6 departure card and your Passport/visa.
  5. Singapore Airlines flies non-stop LAX to SIN ( 17 grueling hrs), I think almost every day, AND their flight SQ712 from Singapore to Bangkok is on the official "approved list" into BKK and your preferred ASQ lodgings after a brief 7 hour layover at Changi 555.
  6. New Mexico USA... I dealt with the LA Consulate and they got it done. I had to jump through a lot of hoops, but now that I'm finished with all the stuff, and sitting in my ASQ hotel, I have to say it was worth it. Once you get through all the [email protected] and get where you're going, it's not so bothersome anymore, 555. Glad to see some others getting out as well.
  7. Well I'm sitting in the airport in Singapore now, flight into Bangkok departs in a couple hours... It's happening and I'll be in my ASQ tonight... What a difficult course it's been, but I'm almost there. Hang in there guys, it can be done. WooHoo!
  8. OK, I'm ready to suck it up, pay the insurance pirates, COE, and ASQ to get back to my home in Phuket. I can't stand being in the States any longer. So..... what's up with the Phuket ASQ hotels? Last I heard, HKT was closed on the International side so except for a few rich <deleted> on a private jet, and some empty jet from a Gulf state...How does one do ASQ in Phuket? Or is it just more of the same same smiles and BS. I've been planning to ASQ in BKK, but I'd rather do it right in my own neighborhood in Patong if I could, so is it possible? Are any of the 17 Phuket ASQ venues actually
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