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  1. Herd immunity can come from people surviving a disease, or via vaccination. Immunity is immunity, no matter where it came from.
  2. Prior to vaccination, Israel had thousands of cases every day. Today they have 27 new cases. The US went from 300,000 cases a day to 10,000. You are not keeping up on current events.
  3. I just follow the data. We are not yet at the point where eradicating the wave is impossible before herd immunity is reached. But that point is getting near.
  4. We are never going to know global deaths for Covid-19. How many died in North Korea?
  5. Right. If you ignore the scientists and doctors, your cure is 100% sure to work. Let me give you a clue: lots of clinical studies are conducted by universities who are not connected to Big Pharma. Also, remind me why Cuba or China studies have not approved your cure. Oh, wait, CUBA is controlled by Big Pharma, too. There are loads of people who think that Covid cures are being hidden. They also tend to believe that cars could run on water but Big Oil is hiding it.
  6. For those not following closely, a recent uptick of hospital walk-in cases has been followed by an uptick in overall new cases. If this trend continues, this wave will not disappate until vaccinations are widespread.
  7. I actually agree with this sentiment. Every new variant is described as more infectious and more deadly, but the results are generally the same.
  8. Do you have any idea how many people died from the Spanish Flu in the US? Somewhere between 600,000 and 700,000 people. Covid-19 will take more by the time it finishes. Your friends at the Denier Lie Factory forgot to tell you that.
  9. Perfect choice of words for an epitaph. How many cigarette smokers said that Back in the Day?
  10. 6 IN 10 Adults in the US have a chronic disease Go argue with the CDC.
  11. You made a bunch of true statements leading to a false conclusion. I hope you understand that healthy people get colds and the flu. And many healthy people get Covid and suffer long term symptoms that are devastating to them. Playing down this epidemic helps no one.
  12. There are a lot of people who died of Covid thinking they were healthy.
  13. Since the vast majority of people in the USA have an underlying medical condition, your post is nonsense.
  14. Don’t be surprised if nothing comes of this. Often, rumors with specific numbers are actually cumulative numbers, not new cases.
  15. You are correct. A certain percent won’t go to the hospital, even if they are sick. What you forget is that we are dealing with large numbers. So, if X% won’t go to the hospital under any condition, if reported walk-in cases double, we know that the number of community infections likely has doubled.
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