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  1. Is it that the birth was not registered, or that a birth certificate was not issued? In my experience of helping widows here in Isaan, I have come across many who do not have a birth certificate, yet their names appear on house registration books and they have an ID card. My sister in law did not have a birth certificate and needed one to go to Switzerland. It was sorted for next to nothing by the village headman. If no village headman go to the amphur. Forget the greedy lawyers!
  2. 1 rai of land valued at 1.4 million baht? Must be a prime site!
  3. Would be a huge mistake. Kids crowd together. If we cannot go to the beach, or a bar or a cinema, then it is crazy to put kids (international or not) in harms way!
  4. A bit like the UK government...shutting stable doors..............!!!
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