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  1. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/penalties-for-social-security-fraud-and-error/penalties-policy-in-respect-of-social-security-fraud-and-error State pensions are included in the above, and from a quick read, I see nothing to suggest that fraud in claiming state pension is overlooked.
  2. Department of Work and Pensions Christmas Bonus It should be referenced 'DWP XB' – shorthand for Department of Work and Pensions Christmas Bonus.
  3. I received it once some 7/8 years ago, and from memory I think it was part of my 4 weekly pension. Regardless, it would appear that it can be frudulently claimed
  4. If we we cannot be prosecuted for fraud of our own pensions, and benefits etc cannot be stopped if we do commit benefit fraud perhaps we should all be claiming child benefit and child tax credits (assuming we have children of course)................and the Christmas bonus too.even though we are not eligible because we live here in Thailand.
  5. In previous years a Thai widow was entitled to bereavement benefits, and it would then come to light that the pensioner was receiving full pension based on living in the UK, whilst his wife had never been anywhere near the uk. That caused the widows some problems. Nowadays there are no bereavement benefits for widows, so it boils down to honesty when you claim and where you say you live Surely however, Thai Visa should not be publishing replies from those that advocate commiting fraud!!!
  6. Whats with the white uniforms.........all same same. Aren't they all just ordinary people................Silly question,,,,,,of course not.......they are all little gods!
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