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  1. Probably thought that would be good enough to get him bail. It has worked many times before.
  2. Very true what you say........but in this case he has admitted to murder. Of course in all cases there must be total and absolute proof. The alternative is of coures LIFE imprisonment, which should mean that in every case. No parole ever for any reason.
  3. Even that is too good. Top him, or hand him over to the family and villagers and let them do what the Thai justice system is incapable of.. Murder deserves death!
  4. UK tax is payable on all income (pensions, salaries dividends etc) which emanate from the UK. As a UK citizen, whether resident or not, you are entitled to a tax allowance of £12,750 in the current tax year (6th April 2021-5th April 2022) That means you only pay tax on anything over £12,750, the starting rate being 20%
  5. Any information as to whether international post from Thailand is now possible. A single thread earlier this week merel;y indicated the resumption of parcel post
  6. Normal inasmuch as locals are still going about theuir normal daily business, yet Buriram is supposedly under a 24 hour curfew! No mention from anyone, anywhere whether shopping is allowed, trips to hospital etc or what just an ALL DAY CURFEW!
  7. Life as normal in my part of Buriram provincem which, as stated above is under an all day curfew!!!!!!! No announcements of any sort from pooyaibaan A totally ridiculous situation which has existed for 24 hours now, and no clarification!
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