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  1. "Thailand expects 10-20 million doses of Pfizer vaccine"...yeah, and if I am living in LOS as an expat under the circumstances, I would expect getting kicked to to curb no matter how many doses of vaccine they get. The best solution for expats in LOS ???Maintain a strong natural immune system as best as you can; i.e. eat right, take vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise/don't be FAT, and get good rest. Bottom line expats; YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. And if you expect the same or special treatment as a Thai national, then wake up/grow up and accept this reality or move back to your home country.
  2. Farang will be included in the national mass inoculation program...EXCEPT if farang fails to bathe, wears dirty clothes or displeases any local or national Thai official in the eyes of such Thai official.
  3. So what is the threshold for being "rich" for a farang in Thailand ??? My only reference point was my ex-TGF when I asked her what she thought was needed to be rich...she told me THB 60 million. I wasn't about to tell her I exceeded that. And I will never tell any other Thai lady...let them think I'm of modest means and love me for my exceedingly charming personality and wit...
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