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  1. Sorry to hear about your dogs. So far, unlikely to be an issue for us, as no problems with the few actual "next door" (with a field between us) neighbors. One of the main reasons we're waiting for the fence to be put up is to minimize the chances for such. More worried about local dogs roaming about, kinda good sized (for Thailand) who see our patch as part of their territory.
  2. Their apprehension seems more to do with subpar installation and pulling of cables. I get that, as poles in some rural areas can be dodgy, and if crews use leftover materials or carry out unauthorized installations, customer experience can be meh. With the upcoming connection distance pulled will be about 250m, so probably better in the long term.
  3. Thanks for both comments. As said, this sort of runs in the family, so I'm somewhat familiar with both the symptoms and treatment. Seems like actually carving up is mostly a thing of the past (or saved for severe cases), so will hope for ultrasound but put up with whatever, uncomfortable as it is. So far no bleeding whatsoever, alcohol consumption been down for a while now, but diet...yeah, maybe some unhappy changes there.
  4. Looking for urologist recommendations, preferably in Ratchaburi, Nakhon Pathom or Salaya. If no good options, Bangkok is an option (saw the pinned topic, thanks), but rather not. Unless much mistaken it's a urinary bladder stone. These and the kidney version run in the family, guess I'm due. Started feeling the occasional pain (luckily not side or back, but literary the the end of the pipe) some weeks ago. Denial or ignoring it (my usual methods for dealing with health issues) seem to have failed. Last three weeks got worse, as in more frequent episodes (ie every few days, rather than weeks). Pain isn't all that bad, but still...and I know it would probably get worse if untreated. And yes, not drinking enough water, and was both too much in the sun and doing more physical stuff than usual these last 2-3 weeks, so no mystery. I just hope they're not into the invasive stuff in this country, my old man had a procedure scheduled when the Corona thing arrived. He's much more worried about the former. Now I truly get him.
  5. Going to use my topic for a puppy related question, but more on the socializing side. The arrival of the trio will be delayed, as (unsurprisingly, perhaps) Mr. Fence Builder won't finish the job on schedule, and neighbors' dogs maybe a rough bunch for young ones to take on. Bottom line, we'll have them when about 3 month old. Not ideal, but that's how it is. During the house build, we rented nearby, and along with most other neighbors fell for this sort of communal soi dog who showed up out of nowhere. Soi dog used for lack of other term, she's as clean, healthy and friendly as any family dog. I thought I can't take her along, then turned out everyone thought I would, and supported the notion. Surprisingly, the Mrs. approved. The recent addition is about 4-5 years old, not aggressive much with other dogs, and as far as I know never got pregnant (one of the neighbors is a vet, and apparently administered regular shots to prevent this). I figure bringing her ahead, the puppies later, and hope no issues. Are there any socialization issues I'm totally missing?
  6. Belated thanks, what with moving, settling in, this and that didn't log in for a time. Sorted itself, really, the True guy came over to explain - they're in the process of pulling fiber to our side of the village, so if willing to wait a bit (2-3 weeks) we'll get a proper line with no hassles. The other option is to pull it a longer way from the other village, which might cause some issues with True later on. So far, using the smartphone as hotspot gives better than expected results, at least as a temporary solution. Thanks again for your reply.
  7. Apologies in advance for not providing technical details - one reason is I'm mostly clueless, the second is that this issue just came up and haven't had time to get all the info and verify. We were led to believe, by True salesman and outsourced installing group, that although officially True doesn't service our area, it could be arranged (we're just over their zone's "border". True office said it's possible in some cases, so we thought all's well. Went to apply for new line - "cannot do". Reason being our plot is "too far". Turns out the maximum range they officially pull the line is 1200 meters, while we're at about 1500 meters. The "cannot do" morphed into "can, but cannot guarantee quality of service" (with the unsaid "up to you"). As an alternative they touted a WiFi/sim-card router package. So first question is regarding range - how long is too long? How far is too far? Second question, that WiFi/sim-card combo - are these worthwhile? and guess that unlike fiber, no need to get the ISP's router? Third and last question - how would a possibly degraded fiber connection stack vs. the WiFi/Sim-card thingie? We're going to check with 3BB anyway, and try get a more updated impression from village folk about quality. As far as I understand, 3BB's fiber pulling range limit is 500 meters, which (just) may work. Mrs. insists that we tore their cable right in front of our plot at some point, but unsure if its fiber or even where it goes to. As for smartphones and such, we're sorta old fashioned. I'm finding the screens too small and the clicking stuff uncomfortable. Last resort, these. Appreciate any insight, thanks.
  8. Three of them joining our family in 2-3 weeks. While excited (or as the Mrs. seems to think, annoyingly ecstatic) about it, also came to realize it's been years since I last properly had one. Born and raised outdoors (MIL's garden), they don't have much indoors experience, which sort of helps my dilemma of them living in/out of house. My concerns got more to do with things that might pose a hazard for the pups or, other way around, stuff they could damage. I'll appreciate input on whether any of these are "real" issues, and if so, how best to deal with them: Water pump - never had one before, no idea if dogs go for these or if they freak out. Biting or peeing on electrical stuff seems potentially dangerous. The pump goes in the car park, didn't plan on fencing/enclosing it, but not a big problem to do so if safer. Small (3m x 6m) but deep waterhole/pond in garden, very steep on 3 sides. Worried they're apt to go for a dip, then try and climb out on the steep slopes. Observed neighbors' dogs having no trouble there, but none were pups. Not sure if a fence would help or potentially make it worse when they inevitably go through. Maybe a low one to begin with? Wildlife - the occasional snake or monitor visit. Guess can't be helped, just that usually see older dogs in such situations. Puppies? meh. PVC water pipes - some of our water pipes (1") and valves are still exposed. Again, no idea if these are of interest to young canines, or if they could even damage them. So far, they completely ignore MIL's garden hose. Main door & back patio screen/net door - grew up in houses where the former were replaced a few times and the latter bearing some scratch marks, until dogs got it. Bars to be added in the future may serve as extra buffer, but resigned to some damages anyway.
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