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  1. Splitting hairs. OK, a retired political leader. Do you think his words get significantly less coverage and traction compared with the likes cited in previous examples? And yes, he said one thing, then said another. I don't know that the first one takes precedence, or that the two even out or what's your point.
  2. The Goat had nothing to do with it. That's how the term 'scapegoat' came about. But seriously, even if you hold such a view, it's hardly relevant to my post or the comment I replied to. It's all very well for Muslims/Islamists/Whatever to live in the past, but I should like to think other parties deal with the here and now.
  3. Well emotive nonsense now. You have no argument, you do not address points made - just go on about some "we" that you pretend to speak for. I am not denying Muslim/Islamic/whatever terrorism. I do not think it should be ignored or appeased. But what you offered earlier is neither practical nor moral.
  4. Ah, yes...The Baron Klaus von Pension ("Spikehead", to his friends).
  5. More nonsense. At war with whom? And how does that apply to mass deportations? Even if 'we' (you do not speak for 'we', but whatever) are at war, how do you suggest mass deportations to be carried out to the countries 'we are at war' with?
  6. Again making claims without bothering to back them up. Was Muslim terrorism even a thing in 1789? How about checking the figures on a more relevant time scale? Or for that matter, one which corresponds to immigration and demographic statistics? And no, people will not question the integration of 'home grown' groups, not even 'terrorist' ones, because it's totally irrelevant to the issue. Your own comment regarding recent attacks an integrations would be better supported by showing statistics indicating the longer immigrants remain in France, the less chance
  7. It was earlier claimed (by @7by7, I think) that comments by Muslim religious leaders, authors and activists represented the majority of Muslims - or something close enough to that, anyway. If that's an acceptable proposition, then how come it does not apply to political leaders?
  8. That's very different from wholesale deporting of innocent people based on their nationality/religion alone. Further, I would assume that there are treaties in place between France and Croatia regulating such issues. Without such agreements, such mass deportations would remain right-wingers' fantasy stuff.
  9. What, in your opinion, does 'the Muslim World' stand for? Governments? People? Religious leaders? I don't think that there's a full congruence between these with regard to such matters, or that such sentiments are permanent Other than Erdogan calling his ambassador back, was there any Arab/Muslim country cutting ties with France?
  10. You do no provide any links to support your statements. You do not provide a rationale limiting the scope of the analysis to the last 3 years. I don't know that there was a huge difference regarding 'influx of migration and radical Islamists' in these last 3 years - my guess is that thing may look a bit different if one extends the scope to earlier times.
  11. I responded to your first nonsense post with a factual one. You retorted with yet more nonsense. That's not much of an 'exchange of views'. Got to love posters who announce they are blocking/ignoring others - what is the point of that?
  12. Of course they do, and of course you are. I'd venture your imaginary 'boycott' would last exactly until your next nonsense post.
  13. Is Erdogan's depiction on the cover of the latest issue down to government policy? Would you think it preferable if following the attacks and commentary by Erdogan, that the French government would pressure the media to keep mum, apply censorship and such? Wouldn't that be giving in to ideas foreign to the nature of France? I don't know that anyone in government called the shots on this one.
  14. Yes....and your shopping list is all the proof one needs, apparently. List of exports of France https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_exports_of_France
  15. That's all very well, but I doubt even Greenwald would be as bold as to claim all (or even most) news and news media venues are 'fake news'. Not every 'fake news' story qualifies as 'dissent' and vice versa.
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