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  1. They did not 'unilaterally' invade countries listed. All were with one form or other of international support.
  2. Is it the name that's questioned, or receiving the monies. Do past recipients line up to return funds, while current and future ones reject them? My point is not that Rhodes was righteous or anything like that. Just that the public debate on these matters is not quite as straightforward, honest and bereft of political interests.
  3. Are you for real? I'm supposed to make your argument for you? You're the one who made a concrete claim, couldn't back it up, resorted to a dodgy source, and still can't make it stick. As said, I do not argue Kushner's involvement and influence with regard to Trump's Middle East policy. Just that this doesn't seemed to be more about diplomacy etc., not military/operational elements. None of the articles you linked support your claim.
  4. I believe you know my opinion of Trump. My comment was not so much about him, but rather about the voters. Ultimately, a whole lot of Americans voted for him despite his many faults. And while Biden won, it was not by a landslide, and given public attention span, not an assured repeat in four years' time. The poster I was replying to commented on 'rational' Republicans. You yourself posted more than once links reviewing the prevalence of belief in various conspiracy theories (most notably, QAnon) among Republican and Trump voters. Doubtful all will come to their senses
  5. Alright. How many rational Republicans are there? Certainly a whole lot of Republicans voted for Trump in the first place, and even more surprisingly (or not) more did so the second time around, when most of the stuff mentioned was already public knowledge. Factor in voter attentions span - we're talking about 3 years from now (campaign start), much of this would be in the past, and obviously not all will be fixed - and blamed on Biden without blinking an eye. Trump's legal troubles, on which some hang their hopes, may take longer than that to sort. Rationally, going in
  6. "Retract your unfounded accusation or hang your head in shame." Barring that, handbags at dawn. Or flogging.
  7. Not only do they vote, they sometimes get elected... `LOVE BOAT` LOSES `GOPHER` TO POLITICS https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1985-12-11-8503250661-story.html ‘Love Boat’ Actor Wins in Iowa Congressional Race With PM-Primaries https://apnews.com/article/55d72972f5a9dba985114bbaaf598785 Fred Grandy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Grandy#Political_career
  8. This wasn't one of the sources you linked earlier. As far as I'm aware, the source you're quoting is a Lebanese, Shi'a affiliated venue. Care to bet how balanced their coverage is? Even the new link provided doesn't actually support your claim. There an allegation ('probably') and nothing more. Do you really think Ivanka was consulted as well?
  9. Negligent Parenting = Deportation. Says poster. Now the facts are that she ran away from home with a stolen ID. Guess there would be a fair number of British parents deported if that was an acceptable criteria.
  10. The way my mind is wired, some phrases automatically conjure tunes or movie scenes (seem to recall an American sitcom based on a similar premise). So 'Riot Act'...yeah. Some of the lyrics could be used in this topic (certainly others), even. Riot Act / Elvis Costello Forever It doesn't mean forever anymore I said forever But it doesn't look like I'm gonna be around much anymore When the heat gets sub-tropical And the talk gets so topical Riot act, you can read me the riot act You can make me a matter of fact Or a vi
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