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  1. This pretty much sums it up - as I keep saying - you are all being played by the media and most of you are falling for it
  2. What has the skin colour got to do with it?? The MSM are clearly labeling this a a racist killing that's what
  3. No A Police Officer killed a American citizen Where is your evidence it was racist? Where? Mainstream Media that's where - despite no evidence it was a racist killing they label it as such and people like you lap up everything they say It's the game they play and you are falling for it
  4. Stirred up by the Mainstream Media who... Forget to tell everyone that Floyd was a serious career criminal He resisted arrest 2 of the officers involved are non white Everyone is being played by the media and most can't see it 8 year old British girl virtually decapitated and killed in the middle of the street not long ago by a female asylum seeker - have you heard about it? Of course you haven't - the mainstream media are not interested The mainstream media have a agenda and most people are stupid enough to play their game without even knowing it
  5. Yet another pointless thread - no one knows whats going to happen and when
  6. It's the Singapore Bank that would have to take legal action - are they going to do that in Thailand? The Thai Bank can't take money she doesn't have in her account - if they decide to refund the SG Bank then that is their decision not the girls Until and if it gets to court worry about it then - if she doesn't have the money what can she do? Worrying won't solve the problem - I know it's easy to say but it's true Ask a Lawyer what they think - you probably won't get many sensible answers on here
  7. I go in Double Kiss on Soi 94 - when the bars re open come and see me From NW London and seen it all Do you realize how pathetic you sound? Been here 6 years - so what? I've been here nearly 15 years but what does it matter unless you think that being here for 6 years makes you a know all - actually you do don't you Get back on your silly Jet Ski and stop being a knob
  8. you would get a better response on the various HH Facebook groups
  9. Hey come on I don't mind being called a idiot but the ill informed is a bit strong
  10. Wow 6 years? Sooo long You're from NW London? Ohhh you must be so hard then Who offered to sort you out? I said the Jet Ski guys hopefully would and hopefully they will You're obviously a clown so let's hope you crash your silly Jet Ski and then get a good slap off the Jet Ski guys
  11. Hua Hin is full of old farts so why have you moved here? Hopefully the Jet Ski guys will sort you out - if they see one of your mates on it they will be right over- in fact if they see you on it they will to Good luck - you will need it
  12. A ED Visa is possible if you entered the country on either a Visa Exempt or Tourist Visa I spoke to a agent last week who is offering this
  13. As is usual with most questions regarding the future the answer is no one knows I'm thinking of setting up a crystal ball reading shop for TV posters - I would make a killing at the moment
  14. Deliveries from Aliexpress are usually pretty quick however it foes depend on what delivery service you use - if you pay for a slow shipping service you will get a slow shipping service However Covid coinceided with Chinese New Year in Feb -no packages were sent from China for around 6 weeks I;m still waiting for stuff i ordered 7 weeks ago but then received a package i ordered 7 days earlier Covid has had a major impact on delivery services worldwide - some packages have taken 3 months to arrive to the UK
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