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  1. Bleating on at people on internet forums, if anything you're the one bleating on. A pity, since your previous posts about coral protection and vegetarians showed good intentions.
  2. Doesn't matter at all what my attitude achieved here. Yours will achieve nothing, even work the opposite way.
  3. People can sign whatever they want, it simply will not legally work.
  4. I very much doubt this statement to be correct for retirement purposes.
  5. Did you contact Korat immigration with this question?
  6. Some immigration offices don't issue CoR to tourists, others don't. If the OP is able to obtain a CoR, DL renewal will be for 2 years.
  7. With a defaistic attitude like that nothing will ever be achieved.
  8. Just read the rest of the post and it should be clear.
  9. Nonsense. News sources call themselves and competitors out continuously. The difference is news outlets correct themselves if they made a mistake.
  10. I am alsways wondering about comments like those from Richard. Do these posters really believe that the Central group doesn't know what it is doing and will not be making money out of their ventures?
  11. Tunnel will run Rawai to Chao fa West. So no, no tunnel for you. I see them making big progress for quite some time already. The airport underpass started later and made some terrific initial progress, so I thought that would be finished about a year or so before chalong. But without any progress there it could even be chalong will win the race.
  12. I don't think anyone who knows the island will agree with you.
  13. You learned from experience, so far no such problems for me, since 2003 using this well.
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