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  1. No, you were free to go your own way, as you did. Nothing to do with the EU, all EU countries were free to go their own way.
  2. "We are trying to help the OP find a place to live in Phuket. We are NOT trying to rank beaches." Then maybe you should refrain from claims that Kamala is the best beach.
  3. When you start with unproven claims many will be dissuaded from reading.
  4. I can, fishing the doggers bank has decreased tremendously, very good for nature.
  5. As has been pointed out many times now, this is not related to brexit at all. But I guess you have to come up with something to keep your =dreams alive.
  6. That's the difference, with Trump those counters would have reached the million mark, now there is good hope.
  7. Since they'd have to pay not for something that may happen some time in the distant future, my money is on 'nothing will happen'.
  8. Kajonkiet EP, Dowroong, also within range.
  9. If they employ only small numbers they will only have a small number of cars.
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