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  1. Who said that? I think e.g. head protection will become mandatory also at professional level.
  2. Unfortunately it seems you can not comprehend the reasons for any criticism and don't understand the posts made.
  3. Agree that Kathu is a good option, but the rest of your post makes no sense at all.
  4. Not boxing, but Rico Verhoeven just declared about his sport 'when you're standing there, all you want to do is tear him (your opponent) apart'.
  5. Good, glad you see it as a victory. Hope enough people fall for this so we can get on with it.
  6. To quote your previous post 'can you not read English?'. The only one here not making sense is you.
  7. Strange comment since this deal seems quite similar to May's deal. And May's deal was rejected by UK, not EU. I think it is more related to 'leave now with this deal or without one', I don't think many really want a new extension.
  8. Very different to rugby. Many examples have already been given, sorry to see you don't understand. I am convinced that the present climate will change professional boxing, and in the present form it will sooner or later be outlawed.
  9. Yes, Tyson was also a boxer, and yes, brutal. But this story is not about him.
  10. Ok, I give up since you apparently can't see the difference between a risky sport where accidents happen and a sport where it is the goal to knock down the opponent. Your argument 'The aim of boxing is not to kill your opponent.' was never claimed by anybody here.
  11. Sorry, I don't do semantics discussions about the difference between hurting your opponent and trying to knock him down.
  12. Which is not related to my comment. Someone else made a comparison with other sports where people die, I commented that that is a false comparison looking at the aim of the sport.
  13. Is this for real? This is primary school work <deleted>.
  14. Yes, off Phuket coast, but Phang Nga province. Not really important here IMO, but trying to correct another poster with incorrect information is not done.
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