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  1. He's wearing crocs, that shows they weren't. All those claiming they were exercising seem to have not read the OP properly.
  2. Yes, you would have known by looking at mortality and hospitalisations. They were not there, so neither were infections.
  3. Agree with the general gist of your post, but do know a few who are refusing, mostly due to medical reasons though.
  4. Check the repair shop on viset road in Rawai, just before Vijit resort on the left coming from chalong circle.
  5. "It is well known that even with vaccinations, you are open to infection and transmission to others - you are simply less sick." Your well known fact is not true, vaccination significantly reduces transmission.
  6. This plan has been announced months ago, and all officials including the PM have been consistent with it,
  7. Yes, that will pull people in who want to return to Thailand, and would rather stay for a week anywhere on Phuket and enjoy themselves than 7-14 days in quarantine elsewhere.
  8. "The latest what i heard is that foreigners with house books and/or pink ID card can get the free vaccine in the future." Also people with workpermits and SS number are included now.
  9. Wait and see. I seriously doubt the expats posting here have a better knowledge of the happenings than the Thai making the decisions.
  10. They have been saying this since a few months already, so far very consistent.
  11. So why would you not be required to wear a mask? Please don't come up with imaginations.
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