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  1. So nothing, absolutely nothing, to justofy your earlier claims 'Care to provide sources that support your claim that McCain was despised by Republicans, conservatives or veterans? What evidence to you have that McCain would have launched invasions of Iran and North Korea if he had been elected President? Can you provide sources that support your claim that McCain was advocating WWIII?'.
  2. "That said - was it proven that the deceased Frenchman (Ducati rider) had been drinking ?" Probably this will not be investigated, and if it will be we will not hear the outcome. He did come from a bar in the middle of the night though. So unless picking up his wife from the bar, it seems very likely he had been drinking.
  3. North Cyprus is involved for the same reason as Crimea: a poster named these as examples, a post that doesn't make sense since the comparison was apples and oranges.
  4. It would be the same as US recognising Russian sovereignty of Crimea, China sovereignty of Taiwan, etc.
  5. No. EPP is a coalition of parties from European countries. All those members of the EPP are chosen by the voters in their respective countries. And the ELP has standards under which they cooperate, which Orban has repeatedly broken. If his party dies get expelled it is from the EPP, they can still represent Hungary in the European parliament, as an independent party.
  6. What slippery slope? Also right now certain weapons are banned. I understand this law, thanks.
  7. Since this law doesn't ban guns, just some very specific classes, imo this would not need a constitutional change in the US.
  8. Agreed, it seems really bad at the moment. Bad connection, double post, sorry.
  9. Your argument regarding a ban being unconstitutional makes no sense. Disagree with you.
  10. As far as I understand the pregnant lady was on the back of the Wave and has died. So did both drivers. Only the lady on the back of the Duicati has survived, but is in critical condition.
  11. Yes, was only a matter of time till that happened, followed by other countries don't trusting the FAA on this anymore. Hence the action from other countries before the USA, and hence "Europe and Canada said they would seek their own guarantees over the safety of Boeing's 737 MAX'. It seems obvious the FAA can not be trusted on this anymore.
  12. Totally untrue, banning certain kind of weapons is not unconstitutional. Why do you think there are no mortars on the street? Many members of the military wouldn't enforce it? Nonsense, plus police job anyway. Taliban is in Afghanistan. What does being a communist/socialist have to do with this?
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