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  1. It is about the truth getting reported and fake news not spread.
  2. And again deflecting. I guess, well not really a guess, that you really mean 'we, Republicans, are making it as difficult as possible to vote. Especially in the Democratic areas. Double whammy in favor of us.'
  3. Couldn't believe you, but true, that word is not allowed. Apparently sensitive here.
  4. One polling station for 4.7 mio people in an area of 1700 square miles is not exactly easy. Any reasonable explanation why only 1 station for that many people in that big an area?
  5. Don't book via any of those sites at the moment. Book directly with the hotel to make sure they're open.
  6. Since others knew exactly what I was referring to, no, issue with the reader.
  7. No, it was not. I was referring to military access, which hinders any negotiations with Turkey, think about refugees, human right and economic relations. Apparently @salerno is a better reader. i had already decided to let your post go, until salerno's reply, no point in this discussion.
  8. But this is not a sexual abuse case, it is a defamation suit against private citizen Donald J. Trump.
  9. Socialist programs, nowhere to be seen. Some would be good though.
  10. Jeffrey Archer write about that, a matter of honour. In the book the SU by contract owned Alaska, but the contract went missing.
  11. He was exactly right. This hearing is just pandering to the electorate. It is too late though, this won't make a difference.
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