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  1. Yes this is the form. Same as on Thai Embassy in DC's visa application info page.
  2. Unfortunately it does show up, at least on the FBI background check. And at the moment due to covid the city police dept, the state patrol and the sherifs offices all have suspended fingerprinting. Think I'll just submit the report and hope it will not be an issue.
  3. Great to get advice on this forum. Thank you to all. So, I ended up getting an appointment for a live scan with an FBI Channeler, called http://www.fieldprintusa.com/. The process was rather simple, after scheduling an appointment time I had my fingerprints scanned locally and within about 6 to 8 minutes I received an email stating my FBI report was ready. Now I wonder if I should attempt getting my retirement visa here or wait until I am back in Thailand and then apply. Reason being I have a 21 year old DUI on the report from June of 2000. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello all. I'm going to apply for my retirement visa online and through the LA Thai consulate. One requirement is an FBI background check. Has anyone that applied for same visa do this, and how? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks for your time. I'm going to go with it's just a one size fits all submission form. You are correct in that it is not listed as a requirement for a O-A.
  6. Advice needed on this visa application requirement. I am applying for a Non O-A Retirement visa from the US and have rented an apartment in Chiang Rai for four years. I've kept the apartment and pay monthly as always. My girlfriend is staying there still. How should I approach this hoop to jump through? Please upload one of the following document as a proof of accommodation in Thailand. A fully-paid hotel reservation in Thailand for the whole duration of intended stay in Thailand (after the 14- day quarantine). The reservation must be issued by th
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