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  1. You still need to work in Thailand and hold a WP , even for Investment category. Best is 80,000 THB salary route, if not married to Thai lady.
  2. Perks - 1. No visa required to stay in Thailand. 2. Can use Thai Passport Only lane at the Thai Int airports. 3. You can put your name in the Blue House Book. 4. Can become Director of a Thai public company ( I highly doubt it tho) 5.You may get loans from Thai banks (Not credit cards) 6.Can apply for extension of your Non Thai family members. 7. Can apply for Thai citizenship after holding PR for 5 Years.
  3. You have to Invest 10 Mill THB in Thai Govt Bonds and maintain that investment for 3 yrs even after you are granted the PR. Good thing = your money is refundable.
  4. Thanks mate. I will suggest my buddy to apply Citizenship rather than PR.
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