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  1. 500+ law breakers seem to be a common haul. Is this story just being recycled? You know the Thais are big on the environment.
  2. I thought only falangs fell off balconies. Isn't this a reserved job for falangs?
  3. If one of the reading monkeys runs for prime minister he said there will be no more visa money monkey business.
  4. Yes, all three types of wits here...males, females and katoys. Dimwits, nitwits and half wits.
  5. Looks like the work of a pom. His excuse? Brexit made me do it.
  6. I will do what the vast majority of Buddhist Thais will do, and say chok dee before guzzling my booze on a Buddha day. This should make "were a guest in this country" guys happy. Why is my host making me pay for my drinks?
  7. I would grudgily shell out the Baht for a road legal 40hp+ 450cc L, but not with every 1000km service intervals. This bike is meant for the road so why have motocross service intervals.? They do seem to be daft. Are Thais running this company?
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