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  1. I can't believe he was a high elite poster on TV. I mistakenly thought he was squeakly clean.
  2. You'll need to chip helicopters, planes, tanks, subs, etc. Now your going to far.
  3. Yup, just skip chipping vehicles and go right to chipping people. Tourists get your free mandatory chip on arrival.
  4. The article states she was having affairs. Was she married to a third guy?
  5. half of all Thais are only surviving on a month to month basis. Is this the same for the expat community?
  6. cop vs teacher Take a wild guess whose walking away alive and with the money.
  7. For US citizens they have to report and pay tax on bank interest earned. So it doesn't make sense to reclaim tax paid. You just use that to reduce your tax bill when filing your annual tax return. Europeans, Auzzies do you do the same?
  8. An the black pickup? That was sold to the same dead friend.
  9. You set up a Thai company as foreigner or foreign company, ex Coca Cola to hold the land. The company owns the Land, and makes, decisions on this asset as well as any other assets, as a course of business. The idea foreign companies will give all control to Thais is ridiculous. They will depart here faster than falangs who cant get a visa.
  10. The op said no foreigners will be allowed to be director or shareholder of a Thai company. So this only applies to the poor falangs owning a bungalow, a drop in the bucket compared to foreign investment. Are existing companies grandfathered or only applies to new companies? BS. This a troll post with no facts to support such.
  11. Its pure fake news. So if Coca cola wants to build a new factory here, they can't buy and control the land? Are you nuts! Use some common sense.
  12. Amazing Thailand! It takes the provincial governor to get garbage removed. Worthless idiots in public service abound.
  13. You and your friend clearly do not understand the major benefit of having a company, to avoid Land Dept involvement and its fees. The Land Dept doesn't like companies holding property because they are cut off getting revenue when its sold. Hence, not surprising that they would talk down companies. This is nothing more than propaganda.
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