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  1. Man, why do you give advice without knowing a dime about the subject? I don't need theory. And I asked about crypto exchanges and not private persons who trade crypto and fiat between themselves.
  2. The question isn't about how fast the transactions have landed but WHAT is it that TW reffers to by warning "recent regulatory changes in Thai bank system" Does anybody know?
  3. yes, less than than 10k usd in sum and per month; let's say, when sending from an exchange, "binance inc" or whatever it'll be, will appear as the sender - no problem? And nothing that'll oblige me to anything such as taxes or any sort of extra documentation? And, is the threshold < $10k/month?
  4. In the beginning of Jan 2021 Transferwise, when sending money to a thai bank, Transferwise warned me, something similar to this: "because of the recent changes or regulations in Thai finance system, your transfer may take longer than usual". A crackdown? Where is a news, does anyone know what it reffers to?
  5. In an ASQ-paradise, which itself is located in yet another country-paradise. Oh, yeah
  6. Sending from and receiving to my bank account in Thailand, from and to, basically, any crypto-exchange, and non-Thailand based especially. Is this allowed? At least, is it not prohibited? Let's say, the amount would be under $10k per month in sum. I need a precise information, because I don't want to get my account frozen. Staff of a bank might not know about that, therefore I need to hear about the experience of those who have had it.
  7. What???? Pin numbers??? Ho...... How??? I can even post here my pin. What would you do with it?
  8. While abroad, I entered pincode incorrectly. I think I did it only once - 1 attemp. Maaaaaybe I made 2 attempts - I don't remember. My card got blocked for withdrawals, but continued to work for payments in general. So, only 1 attemp? If there're 3 attempts allowed though, what's a time frame between 2nd and 3rd ones so that incorrect attempts will get reseted to 0 and a card won't get blocked? The thing also is, one can unblock a card by phone only once. A second time one will have to ask for re-issuing a new one and pick it up in Thailand.
  9. When one gets a shot: * there'll be risk of cathing the virus still * there's no guarantee of safety of a vaccine 5-10 years down the road, in terms of side-effects that would affect one's heath * there's no guarantee of safety even in the short term (50-60% efficiency) * one doesn't know how harmful would be the actual virus otherwise - whether or not harmful at all * or whether or not one has already contracted it and recovered, with no symptoms that is, and thus has immunity * one still has to wear a mask * basically, after a shot, not
  10. Let's take UAE. 99.9% of people in UAE wear masks. A fine for not wearing one is somewhat 1000 usd. Facts? Yes. Despite that everyone wears a masks there have been around 1000+ new infections found daily and for over half a year. This is also a fact. Question: do masks work? P.S. "But if not masks, they'd be millions of trillions of quadrillions cases instead of just 1000+ ones" - no.
  11. And so can be 1000 other things as well: buses, air in a closed room, food, any surface. Should we shut down everything in the whole world?
  12. Is that incompetence? In some country I wan't allowed enter one of restraunts without a mask. And the key here - "enter". Once I put it on, entered, 3 seconds laters I took it off. A staff member who wouldn't allow me to enter otherwise had no problem with that. Coughing and sneezing were allowed once you enter as well.
  13. "So dangerous" would say people who stay home, wear a maks everywhere and still have or will get infected despite that.
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