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  1. End of May... Just a little more than 33 days...
  2. Not all. It seems you will still have to wear a mask by example... but the list of restrictions has not be fully defined yet. They still have 1 month to update it though.
  3. Other than valuables, you may have important documents (chanotes?, passport,..) that you want to keep safe. The good place too for computer documents backup. And not only safe from burglars (infrequent), but also from fire... ;(
  4. Because he is from UK, and UK is not in the list of countries who are allowed VOA... ...but of course you meant Visa Exemption, not VOA. Sad situation for all expats stuck abroad. Must be patient ;(
  5. Tens of thousands?? I really doubt they were so many.
  6. You don't need a pedestrian crossing to cross a road! Street rules just say that if there is one nearby (50m ?), then you must use it.
  7. There is Buffet and Buffet... I doubt you will see many homeless at the Hilton seafood buffet at more than 1'000B...
  8. Even less than that to complain about: the OP is talking about Europeans, and they don't need these 800'000B in a Thai bank. They just need a letter from their Embassy,. Yearly renewal for European retirees in Thailand must be one of easiest to get in the World.
  9. +45 km to go to this beach ! when you have many prettier ones just around Pattaya... Edit: but yes, if it's the nearest one officially opened... ;(
  10. This was still Bronze Age and Iron Age in Thailand, so I think it can still be called prehistoric.
  11. Good? Looks like they made a very bad job to me... They came in Thailand by Millions from January to March, and didn't even manage to kill one hundred Thai with this virus...
  12. Would you say the same thing if Nature had chosen to make this virus appear in your country?...
  13. Better if you have read this thread before posting that Laptop are allowed in cabin
  14. You are wrong. "// Administration set the upright seat rule for two main reasons: it makes it easier to evacuate the plane in the case of an emergency and it can help limit injuries." From Google, or here.
  15. There is no real risk of flooding on Walking Street. The street is build on an old dam and access to the sea is just under every building on sea side. They are build on stilts, and yes there is a beach (sand) under these buildings.
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