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  1. Did you notice that many people reading your title + OP will have no idea what you are talking about ?? You got a quote for what? For a condo? Why is it important to know that the Real Estate agent is on a Non O visa ? Your post seems to be about Extensions (Retirement Extension ?) but nowhere you say it...
  2. According to Phuket Immigration, the combo method now is "is to have B400,000 in a Thai bank account and receiving monies throughout the year that altogether total at least B800,000."
  3. Unsure if this article/interview really clarifies rules Reading it, it looks like those who still use an embassy's income letter now need to show "bankbook records proving this income already being received [in a Thai bank]" ??
  4. This has never been a requirement None Many? Most expats - by far - are not impacted by this first change of rules in years.
  5. Bad idea IMHO. That will means more cars on Beach Road, and bigger problems than the already big permanent bottleneck problem at the Beach Rd-South Rd crossing
  6. Builders' sand ?? What are you talking about ?? The sand added on the beach has been pumped in the sea a few hundreds meters off the coast
  7. It's the very south part of the beach, not far of Walking Street entrance
  8. It's "2 months before" everywhere (from march 1st). "3 months" was in previous rules. If you don't keep enough money all year long, you will just not get your next extension.
  9. Visa at Phnom Penh is rather fast - desk 1 : give passport and form with photo - desk 2 : pay - desk 3 : get your passport Maybe 5 minutes only at each of my 2 trips in 2017.
  10. Hull: Non-Immigrant Category "O" Visa on the basis of being a UK State Pensioner http://www.thaiconsul-uk.com/non-immigrant-visa-cat-o-pensioner.php (Sorry, couldn't resist to this one more flagrant wrong information)
  11. Sorry, I replied to your posts because you wrote many of them on a way that make them sound wrong/false... Seriously?? You just spoke of Non-O visa; people who use them never make 90-Days reports... Others often do their report by Internet or by mail. No need to go to the Immigration Office You can say it, but it's false. I personally don't know any pensioners who doesn't have least 65k in the bank when he receives his pensions. (In other words: It's not because you have a small pension that you don't have money available) I could make more comments but will stop here, because already out of subject. Sorry.
  12. They don't ask retirees to have a 65k pension, just to transfer this amount monthly. ?? Non-O is not a Tourist visa and which consulates ? No, but you now use the word "persons" while this thread is about "expat retirees"
  13. - Thai Immigration didn't "cancelled" or stopped to accept Embassy Letters; - The "transfer of money" aka "12 x 65k" is an additional method to get extension, not a change; - 800k permanently in a Thai bank is what many of those using the 800k were already doing; the augmentation of the seasoning period is in fact the only change in many years. Maybe not a minuscule change, but certainly not a mega one either.
  14. Not many countries must have an immigration cost lower than the 1'900 baht of Thailand. And for inconvenience, it's for many of us just one visit to Immigration per year.
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