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  1. So where are these biometric data stored if not in the chip? You could read that: What Information Is Stored On Passport RFID Chips?
  2. Modern passports have fingerprints. Don't know your country, but by example all European passports since 2009 have fingerprints of 2 fingers inside the chips, in a resolution high enough to confirm identity.
  3. ^ @alex8912: No real excuse to miss it IMHO. The computer on which you make your 90-Days report very probably has an agenda app included, and it's just an habit to form to set an alert for the next report as soon as you get the confirmation (receipt).
  4. It makes perfect sense, as you make your online report [8-15] days before you 90-days period is due, and your new "Notify your address again on" date on your receipt is set 89 days after the day of the receipt. (It's not an "extension" of your 90-days period, but a new 90-days one)
  5. Pattaya46

    driving from pattaya to Sriracha

    Agree. Very a good tool to travel outside the city. GoogleMaps: Pattaya to SiRacha
  6. Except 3-4 months nearly 2 years ago when the service had been closed, it's always working for me for nearly 4 years already. 2 minutes on the computer every 76 days. Easy.
  7. You make a very personal reading of the memorandum By example the Embassy Letter showing Income is still an option (for most). See the last line :
  8. You can't. There is no ocean near Pattaya...
  9. Who say they cannot? There was an article a few weeks ago that they are now working to do precisely that. If it was not already done, it was not because they were enable to do it, but just that nobody yet had required to do it. Now it's coming... soon... Edit: Oops. Forgot to refresh and didn't see post #53 above from FritsSikkink who says nearly the same thing
  10. Just read this forum. There are hundreds of posts where members recommend other people to get a new passport to solve their problem. Most of times (from what I remember) it seems to be people on Tourist Visa trying to get a new one in a nearby country.
  11. 17kB?? Do you make a transfer each week or what ?? Or if you have swift fee about $20-30, maybe you should change of bank at home, because it's just a rip off. FYI the swift transfer fee from PostFinance (in Switzerland) is about $5...