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  1. Why do you guys try to speak generalities when we are in the Pattaya Forum and when the title of this thread explicitly says Jomtien …?? For maybe 3 years now, at each of my yearly visits at Jomtien Immigration I was told that because I was on Retirement Extension I didn't have to made these TM30. Last time was in June. Didn't hear about change, but I will ask again at my next visit… in June 2020
  2. Everyone do this A fast M.2 NVMe for the system and most used files, and the old "slow" SSD 2.5" for storage & backup. You say "old" computer. So better to check which M.2 cards it accepts. Some "old" ones only accept SATA M.2 card, not as fast as MVNe M.2, but better than SATA 2.5"
  3. From the link above : ??? I never heard of the big majority of softwares in this list. I just checked a few ones and clearly they are not on my computer and were not installed by default on a Microsoft Windows 10. BTW Microsoft Solitaire Collection may be the most used software on Windows
  4. Uh? Just checked and no problem to access this site. (I use 3BB) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/ I heard they block a few websites in thai (about politics, army or the King) but long time I didn't see a foreign language website blocked ??
  5. Could be useful to indicate which country you want to target. VPN companies only covers a few countries (by IPs) and best ones for Europe probably not the best ones for US, and vice versa.
  6. For me "clean" (install or restore) means an install initially done using Microsoft tools. There is no bloatware on a "clean" Windows 10. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10
  7. 50 years old + you have to be retired. 50+ yo : required Retired : not required by MFA but a few annoying Thai Embassies may require it
  8. Unsure about that . Seems to me that most people on Retirement or Marriage extension try to avoid this option, mainly since it's a 1 year seasoning. Better places to put that money.
  9. Check on Google US: Amazon's packages arriving with sand bags or stones instead of the ordered product are not uncommon; Empty packages neither. And not everyone get his money back in such cases... even in the US. I personally only had good experience with Thai online shops Lazada & Shopee And same with Chinese ones BangGood & AliExpress (with pay-back of my only package who never arrived)
  10. I know many. Not just old guys, young guys too.. How could a young guy get a non O-A ?? You must be 50+ to get such visa... http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15385-Non-Immigrant-Visa-"O-A"-(Long-Stay).html
  11. Not true. Would have no impact. I wouldn't live as an expat without such insurance anyway.
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