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  1. Not in Pattaya now, but most shops selling motorbikes also sell insurance. Most insurance shops too, like AA-Insurance opposite BigC South Road. Places who make technical control also sell it. (South Rd, Sukhumvit, ...)
  2. Both Non O and Non O-A are visas that you get outside of Thailand. A Thai visa is mainly an authorisation to enter in the the country and to get an authorisation of stay when you arrive. No point in asking for a visa when already in Thailand. Main exception is the "change" of your visa type in a Non O visa if you want to apply for a yearly extension.
  3. Uh? - First you compare a 5G phone with a 4G one. If you need 5G in next years it makes a big difference. - The screen of the Pixel is far better than the Oppo one. The Pixel get an Oled 430ppi x2340 against only on Oppo an IPS 270ppi x1600. - The Cpu of Pixel is one generation newer and faster 2.4 against 2.0 MHz - Etc. Main point for me is that it's a Google phone. That means quick updates on Android and Google Apps taking the best of this phone. Also no hassle with the many Apps that you can't remove from most other brands. I already got an older Pixel before,
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