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  1. Manuka Honey was once stuck in customs and would not be released without a medical cert.
  2. In the 80's they passed a helmet law. The working girls with their big 80's hair marched to Government House in protest. The helmet law was scrapped. 2020. The only viable option is mass demonstrations with working girls leading the way to provincial halls. The movement will most certainly gain worldwide attention, paving the way for the bars to reopen. After all, no one wants their girlfriends showing up to their place of work. SAVE THE BAR GIRLS!
  3. QR codes and no false names on sign in. You must now use your real name at the bar. There, no one want to go now.
  4. Who needs tourism? Conjure some communist insurgency. Ramp up opium production. Drive it to 20. Like the old days. Afghans are going offline. Someone needs to pick up the slack.
  5. Rodeo rules. Cowbell not Missionary.
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